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Cold Laser Technology

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The Cold Laser has now become my indispensible healing assistant!


I discovered this technology after experiencing a chronic back condition – ankylosing spondylitis. The Laser was so incredibly effective, I decided to write about my healing journey, and the Laser itself! You can obtain the following details on my website below:





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The renowned international healer talks to myself and Sara about his Reconnection seminar in London

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Given monthly. We will all be connecting remotely from the comfort of our own homes or wherever you choose for this free distance healing session. You could be in the UK or the other side of the world, it doesn't matter. The half hour session will be for purification on all levels - emotional, mental and physical.

First you will need to join my Meetup Group below - it is Free to join. Once you are a member you will be automatically informed of forthcoming Distance Healing meetups. You need to RSVP for each session so that I can focus on your name. (Unfortunately, this is a women's only meetup, however, men can join in the Distance Healing. They can contact me through this website or give their names via a female member of the Meetup).




o Stay hydrated leading up to the session. Drink plenty of room-temperature water.


o About 5 minutes before the session, find a relaxing place where you can sit or lie down comfortably and won’t be disturbed for the duration.


o Try not to 'work' on any particular emotional or physical issue during the session. Just be receptive, relax, and let the energy do its work.


o Make the intention to ‘connect’ with me, in whatever way suits you. You can visualise this intention with an image of your choosing; you can physically feel this intention in your body; or simply give yourself permission to just ‘know’ this connection with me is happening. Then relax.


o Don’t worry if you fall asleep during the session.

The Session:


You may notice many things before, during and after the session. Some people are more sensitive and can feel a lot of energy moving in their body. Others may not feel the energy but will notice good effects. Everyone responds to energy differently. However, below are some ideas of what to expect.


What to expect:


o Before and during the session people can feel different energy sensations working in their body. Some of these feelings can be: tingling, electrical, vibrating, heat, coolness, cold, pressure, lightness, yawning, tummy rumbling, and other things.


o If you feel very cold, this is a sign that old negative energy is leaving your system. Try to stay warm after the session if you feel very cold.


o Some people may feel: peaceful, energized, centred, balanced and sleep better. Others may be more: emotional, restless and lethargic as they detoxify.


o Don't worry if you feel odd fleeting pains or even old pains intensifying during, or even leading up to the session. As the energy clears the blockage in an area it can result in temporary pain.


o People can also feel extra emotional during this time. The energy from repressed emotions become stored in the organs and tissues of the body. It takes a lot of energy to hold down emotions. When we release repressed emotions we can bring about deep healing and have much more energy available to us.


o As the energy works through the blockages it can cause toxins to be released. Some people may feel achy or tired. You may also find you have to go to the bathroom more often.


o Sometimes people can have very beautiful and peaceful dreams. Others can have some strange dreams. As we release old repressed fear out of our energy system the mind gives it a symbol.


o The energy can continue to work in your body several days or more after the session.



It would be helpful and appreciated if you could let me know your experiences by posting them on the site. Take a look at previous feedback below.



From Meetup members:


“Carmen, thank you for a peaceful half hour amid all the domestic chaos. I felt very energized afterwards and had a good day.”


“Not sure exactly how to describe my experience distance healing. I was suffering with pain in my left big toe, and that has definitely improved since the healing.…”


“I am no longer sceptical about how energies transmit through space! I could feel where some of my blockages are, one being the central spot below the collar bone which I tapped on during the session to try and move the energy. They were mostly in my upper body, between stomach and shoulder, and in my left arm - nothing in my lower back at all that I could feel. And although in a warm room under covers I had very cold and numb feet.”


“It was an interesting experience, still processing it. Felt jolly cold for about an hour afterwards.”

“About 5 minutes into the session, a very clear image came up behind my eyelids. It was a huge boulder, but it seemed to be made of wood. Then that image cleared and it was replaced with water. Silver water, rushing from left to right. Then up came a red sunset, just like those you see in the Caribbean. After that, the silver water came back, this time rushing from right to left. They were all images of the elements. Very distinct. I have never seen anything like that before. It was incredible! I will never forget that sunset.”


“Firstly I would like to thank you for my beautiful experience with regard the distant healing.


I received my healing whilst I was in a busy hall filled with roughly 100 people some chatting, some busy setting up the stage; testing mic levels, fiddling with lights, lots of noise. I must say i was surrounded by chaos. Amongst that chaos a wave of peace enveloped my body. A wave of Peace, stillness and complete tranquility which touched my very core. I was no longer in a room filled with chaos I was in my house of peace.” 


“Thank you for your healing energy. I had a huge amount of positive life force and achieved all my goals today . I know that the session this morning helped me to focus and do what I needed to do. Thank you so much ! Need to contact you as Phil would definitely benefit from some healing “


“It was an amazing experience. I concentrated on the places that needed healing . I could feel the energy working on my arms and at the same time I could see bright white lights. Both hands were getting hot and I could feel the energy passing throughout my body which included my head, shoulders and back. After the session I took it easy for about 2 hours cooking my dinner. I normally hate the chore of cooking but found I was more grounded and took my time and found it more enjoyable than I have done for a long time.”


“During the distance healing I felt a peace and calm wash over me. At the start my heart was beating very fast, but 10 minutes into the session I suddenly felt my heart rate slow down and my breathing deepen. I have felt the effects of this calm feeling throughout the morning… hopefully, throughout the day!”


“I felt like different parts of my body were hurting and releasing. I felt this sensation in my hip, ankle, wrist and chest, but difficult to explain.”


“Thank you for the opportunity to focus on my body's healing process. I felt very relaxed and open during the session. After a while, my head began to ache and my hands began to feel itchy and hot. I moved them over my forehead repeatedly and felt a corresponding movement of energy up through my head. The headache went away. I'm post op and the distance healing has supported my rehabilitation. Today I have much more energy, I feel much further down the road to full health."

“I was 7 minutes late into getting into my position. As soon as I was relaxed I felt a warmth in both feet. I then felt some aches in my left hands and in my shoulders that has been giving me some problems on and off (stiffness). For a few minutes I could not feel or visualise anything in my body, I felt like I was disconnected from the energy. Then all of a sudden I began to feel the aches in my right arm again. I then visualized a lime green colour with a soft white cotton background. The colours looked refreshing and clean and it felt like my mind was being cleansed and my whole body felt light. Towards the end of the session a big crimson red bud with a light pink background came straight into my face and completely covered it. It took me by such surprise but it felt really good and it took me back to my childhood where there was happiness. The colours kept going in and out and then the session came to an end Thank you Carmen for the time you gave us.”


From this website:

"My name is S. I'm a dentist. Over Christmas, I flew to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime. As soon as I landed, I felt terribly ill and took to bed with a very high fever. My temperature rose to 39C and wouldn't go down. I've never been so ill and so miserable in all my life. On the third day, sad, depressed, and desperate, I texted Carmen in London and asked whether she could send me some distance healing because my temperature was still very high and I couldn't leave the hotel room at all. We agreed a particular time when I would be alone for 30 minutes, and she instructed me to simply relax and 'receive' the energy she would be sending me. Immediately after the healing, I felt a strong ‘heat’ all over my body, yet I was feeling very relaxed. I started feeling better and better by the hour. The following day, my temperature was normal, my flu was completely gone, and I was able to get up and start sightseeing. Thanks to Carmen, my holiday finally started. It was amazing!”


 Disclaimer: These sessions do not in any way replace medical treatment or advice.



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 'Be the change you want to see in the world’

 Mahatma Gandhi. 



Seekers of personal development and spiritual growth, this is your opportunity to join a group dedicated to putting theoretical ideas into practice and sampling transformational techniques.  


Do something * Learn something * Share something * Change something  

If you are a WOMAN who: 

  • is passionate about self-help and personal development
  • would love to share information and practical ideas about how to improve your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being
  • is interested in meeting other like-minded women in a warm, welcoming, caring, sharing informal setting
  • is happy to travel to a venue in North London 

...then look no further, this is the perfect Meet-Up for you!


We are on this earth to grow, to learn, to share, to give. Deep down, we already know this. But in the hurly burly of life we sometimes forget. This group is all about remembering, and caring enough to share our power in a safe and trusting environment. 


During times of challenge, we seek help and assistance. We turn to the book, the remedy, the technique, the guru (be s/he your GP, alternative practitioner, or spiritual master). Yet, no one source can provide all the answers to all our individual needs.


Life is a process of growth and continual change. As we change, so it appears that the questions and the problems confronting us seem to multiply. Yet, as we seek to overcome our challenges, learning valuable lessons along the way, we begin to realise our own unique potential. When we trust our own inner guides and pool our knowledge and personal resources, we realise that the guru we are seeking lies within us all. We realise, we ARE the power we are seeking to find. We can choose to become a victim to uncontrollable forces of change. Or we can guide ourselves to become a reflection of what we want to see in this world. More health, more happiness, more abundance, more peace, more love.


As an accredited energy healer and practitioner in different fields (see my website: I am happy to lead the group in various discussions and demonstrations, but members are also encouraged to lead with topics of their own choice (emphasising practical benefits and application). If on the other hand, you simply want to attend to learn new ideas and come away with useful tools and techniques, that's OK too. No pressure! 


Example topics: 

  • How to use a simple test to discover your real passion in life.
  • How to protect your child's emotional well-being (at the point of trauma).
  • How to tap away minor phobias/aches and pains
  • Allergy testing as a useful everyday resource
  • Some simple energy techniques to increase chi (energy, life force)
  • Tapping for abundance in 3 parts (Wealth, Happiness, Health)
  • A mantra technique for eliminating everyday stress/anxiety.
  • Empowering exercises to improve your vision (both myopia and long-sightedness). 

Meetings will be arranged monthly on a semi-regular basis. Each session will include refreshments, discussion, practical exercises/demonstrations, recommended reading and a brief closing meditation. 

NB:  This is an opportunity for sharing, and NOT a forum for promoting commercial products, personal services, religious doctrines or even spiritual dogma.



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Prior to a recent spiritual Meet-up, what seemed like the most benign of requests began by stirring a few ripples and ended up triggering a tsunami of angst-ridden emails. The venue was to be, unusually, a West End private members club, and the request was ‘dress smart.’ Yet, going by the frenzied response of members, the request was of the order of being asked to rob the High Street for ‘suitable’ attire. Yet, the extra effort required need have been no more than reaching a little deeper into the wardrobe and pulling out a garment of a cleaner, possibly shinier, nature than one would normally have selected for a more low-key venue.

So, what was all the fuss? That said garment might make us feel a teensy bit special for one night? Special for no reason, perhaps? God forbid. Might a dress code requesting sackcloth and ashes have caused less controversy and curtailed the limbering-up for a spiritual war against one’s self? What other motivation could have underlined the debate than an uncomfortable feeling of one’s self being undeserving? Parading in nice clothes, when the suffering around the world is so great! Yet, it isn’t as if any one of us are so deprived we don’t already possess a clean, possibly shiny, garment. So how would a strenuous denial of having this garment in our Ikea wardrobe serve the poor and exploited in Burma? Surely a more effective statement would have been to root out that offending item of clothing and trundle it off to the nearest Oxfam, rather than the heated exchange of emails that, in the end, apart from adding to the fossil fuel furnace, achieved very little in a practise.


But the war seemed to have all but fizzled out by the time I arrived at the venue. Far from explosive, the evening was a congenial affair of mingling with a hundred or so spiritual strangers whilst clutching a glass of rather expensive water that would last all night. In conversation with my spiritual brothers and sisters, I sensed there was a subtle curtailing of egos; that there would be nothing more anti the ethos of the evening than to whip out a personal business card. Yet, truth be told, there seemed to be a lot of twitching and itching to reach into bag and top pocket to deliver that salvo, whether in the form of a card or simply an immodest outpouring of our own spiritual worth. I certainly produced mine when prompted. But having already stated our opposition to – or, indeed, revealed our Fear of - showing-off (via clean, shiny clothes), there was a distinct sense of having neutered ourselves on this front.


This spiritual uneasiness showed up again in a conversation I had around the topic of healing. The discussion went as follows: I have a few emotional blocks; How about getting yourself healed of them?; I could, but the time isn’t right; Why not,? It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out affair; Because I’m on this earth to learn, and being healed is not about learning. In response, I explained my own position rather badly – blame it on the bright lights, the overpowering ‘ambient’ club music, or simply my own fear in expressing myself with passion from an oppositional stance. But I state my position here now, clearly and with passion:


Any talk of needing to go at ‘our own pace,’ or the discomfort of making life ‘too easy’ for oneself, or the ‘cheat’ of allowing others to ‘take away’ our suffering – is simply the ego holding onto Fear. Our suffering was borne for us by a remarkable man called Jesus. That was his burden and his lesson to humankind in coming to earth. (Though I don't subscribe to any religion, I accept this truth). We, on the other hand, are here to experience Love, Light and Joy. If we so choose. That is the only growth we need do. When we are vibrating at our highest level we are serving our Purpose and promoting ourselves as an example to others. Whatever the situation, it’s always our choice to go for Love, to step into the Light, to experience Joy. And we can choose all of this in an Instant. Yes, an Instant! Existence is nothing more and nothing less than Perception - perceive Light, Love, Joy - and you cannot but experience Purpose and Growth. The idea that we are somehow deceiving ourselves by making this choice is, again, the ego guilt-tripping us into Fear and denial of our birthright.


So, rewind. Go put on that clean, shiny frock or those nicely pressed trousers. Talk with Love in your heart to a few like-minded strangers and experience the Joy of standing in your own Light… Now, just how painful was that? Good. And even better, as not a single Burmese individual was exploited as a direct result of your actions. Unless, that is, you perceive that to be the case, opting to suffer for your dress code. Either way, it’s always your choice.



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TALK: Using Universal Energy in Our Everyday Lives

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So far, I have given two talks on behalf of the meet-up group London Positive Black Women. The Sunday morning talks on 21st March and 9th May 2010 covered the topic of Universal Energy.

The aim was to de-mystify the subject of what we variously refer to as 'aura,' 'spirit,' 'chi,' 'prana,' or 'qi'' - that ethereal substance that surrounds and permeates the universe, including our thoughts, feelings and emotions.


  • What is it?

  • What does it feel like?

  • Can it be seen?

  • How can it affect our health?

  • Can anyone use it to heal?

  • How?

The sessions were active with exercises, meditation, and demonstrations of energy live in action. We:


  • Experimented with what energy FEELS like·

  • Made the connection between ENERGY and EMOTIONS·

  • Appreciated the parallels between ENERGY and HEALTH

  • Learnt a few TECHNIQUES for using energy to improve our lives

  • Awakened our own confidence in our ability to use energy to HEAL

Most delegates also came away with a newfound respect for the hidden dangers of their mobile phone!


Here are a few of the comments:


“This was a wonderful session, spiritual, uplifting and healing. Carmen gave us so much not only in terms of her energy but her wisdom and love. I left the session feeling renewed and peaceful. Thank You Carmen!” (Claire)

"This was my first time attending Carmen's workshop and it was fantastic! I can't explain enough how valuable aNd insightful Carmen's workshop is. Carmen gave us her time where she demonstrated meditation techniques and explained everything about the energy around us. I can't wait for the next one.” (Anne-Marie)

"Today's workshop was absolutely fabulous. I feel I have the starting tools to forge forward in healing and channeling. I can't thank you enough. Please let me know when you're doing another workshop." (Ginny)

“It was so nice to discover how energy is all around and in us. We learned so many techniques on how to listen to our energy and about healing energy. We worked on each other and it such powerful experience. The atmosphere was very warm and calm and Carmen was great, and welcoming and very encouraging to try different things to show you, your own energy and power that is inside that can used to heal to guide. In three words: IT WAS GREAT!” (Mundey)