"I came out feeling everything that I would normally associate with several hours at a day spa - except the effects are so much more profound." 

(H.F. MA student) 

"One could have years of talking therapy and still not feel heard, still not have that core pain reached, dissolved. Yet in one to two sessions one can be helped back to ones self once more."

(A. T. Artist)



  •  “Thought I would update you on how I'm feeling after yesterday afternoons session. First of all, I have been totally pain free - both in the neck and back!  Last night, when normally I would have felt the strain from the day, I was very comfortable and this morning hopped out of bed without any problem and I haven't been able to do that for a long time.  I slept very early last night and have been yawning all throughout today! The feeling of calm and quiet has stayed with me.  I am so thankful for our session yesterday.  It's incredible.”  C.L. (London)


    “As you know you were ‘a last resort’!  I came to you after having tried numerous techniques and remedies as well as conventional medicine in an attempt to get rid of severe abdominal discomfort which I have had for over three months.  I was frustrated and down as nothing seemed to work and when I came to you I had no expectations.  I found the healing session very relaxing and whilst I experienced extraordinary imagery, I didn’t feel much change and was still experiencing discomfort. I did however, leave you feeling calm, centred and relaxed.  By  evening, all discomfort had dissipated much to my surprise and I had the most wonderful deep sleep.   As I write to you, I continue to feel well and am truly grateful for the healing session I had with you.” S.B. (Yoga Teacher, London)

  •   Happy holidays Carmen. Every day I thank you. Since our meeting my back no longer hurts me, it is magic! AS (Artist, France)

  • I can highly recommend Carmen, a gifted and generous healer who truly listens.Before the treatment I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect but I felt in very safe hands throughout with Carmen. During the treatment I relaxed so much I was falling asleep (I've been having difficulty sleeping and when I got back home I slept for hours!) I also felt lots of subtle changes in my body; like bubbles coming up to the surface and releasing. At the end of the treatment Carmen asked me to stand up and that's when I felt as if an ice-cold wall of water had washed down my back like a waterfall. Afterwards I felt lighter on my feet, and my foot pain had eased & over the week it had completely gone. Also my eyes and face which had previously looked very tired became brighter and I noticed I was breathing much more easily. People have since remarked on how well I'm looking.      F.M. (London)



  • This 82 year old had a 20 year lower back problem. In the last year it had got so bad she wanted to die, despite being the main carer for her adored 45 year old son. Her neighbour brought her to see me. 

"Dear Carmencita, wow, what can I say. You worked your magic yet again. This case was seriously tough. A was utterly miserable on our way to you. You saw how I had to help her walk. I felt very emotional myself seeing her in so much pain. However, when I picked her up she had changed so much! Her posture, her facial expression and her mood so much more improved! She said she felt a bit spaced out and wobbly but that so much of the pain had gone. She has tried pain killers, acupuncture, steroid injections. Nothing has worked. She refuses to have an operation and so she had resigned herself to feeling so much pain and it has been getting worse. I will see her tomorrow and report back again. But thank you so much. You have no idea how much this means.."                                                 NEXT DAY.                                                                                                     "OMG. A has improved significantly. Her face and posture have changed. She said it's because she's not in pain. She says she knows it's there but doesn't feel it. Amazing! She's telling all her family and friends, so be prepared for a bunch of OAPs on zimmer frames to rock up! ...I saw her this morning and she's better this afternoon than she was this morning so it's an upward curve. Brilliant!"             A.R. (London)        


  • "Carmen! Amazing! Since I left your house where I had the fish and rice there was no reaction, no itching, no dryness, no uncomfortableness. I then had sushi that night with more fish and cod. No reaction. No swelling. 

Then last night I went for a Chinese meal and I had pork and duck and rice etc and guess what.... Nothing! No dryness, no peeling no crazy itchy attacks where I have to attack myself with a hard comb!! And I look better then you saw me! And my legs and face aren't even swollen which is what usually happens when I have a high salt content meal. Nothing. can I really be over this?! Thank you! I can't quite believe it yet, I'm still apprehensive but I really believe you've helped me turn a new corner. And I feel better and better every day wow. Back to normal life. You are amazing, Carmen."    H .L. (London)




  • "Two weeks ago I was suffering with complete exhaustion, severe pain in my bones muscles...enough to stop me from walking. I also had hypersensitivity, sickness, hallucinations etc...I had suffered like this for the past year whilst titrating off three different psychotropic medications. Carmen Harris a wonderful friend I met on Facebook a couple of years ago had contacted me to kindly offer to do a healing session with me. I was too exhausted to even talk with her for a couple of days. Carmen eventually caught up with me one night after nearly collapsing due to pain and fatigue. Carmen asked me to explain what had been going on, then she asked me to place the phone where she could see me whilst I lay down in bed. I did some deep breathing, then I could sense a dense feeling as if my energy in my shoulders, chest and sides were being compressed. After a while I could feel this energy enter my this point my emotions joined in and my tears came. Every now and then Carmen would ask me what I was feeling... this would be replaced occasionally with a huge sense of love and peace literally bubbling through my entire body. Eventually Carmen told me she had removed three past lifetimes of terror and some traumas from this life. Carmen asked me to get some water. I was able to walk pain free to get this. The healing continued intensely for hours after Carmen had hung up. Since the healing two weeks ago I have lost half a stone, I have given up tea ...I used to drink 20- 25 cups a day. After three days I felt well enough to run a mile, swim 30 lengths and do 15 minutes exercise. This is actually more exercise than I have done for years but given that my kids have had to put my shoes on for the month before it is unbelievable. I have continued to keep this up. I have looked into Quantum physics, the energy fields of EFT etc... and it all made sense but there is nothing like experience to teach us in life. What I love about Carmen Harris is she does healing as if she is writing a shopping list. As she says, we all have the ability to do this... we just forgot how to do it. In the past before the big pharmaceutical, companies, electricity, capitalism etc. took over our lives... this is was how we were healed. We both discussed how some people use this to say they have a power... they use it for their own gain and ego. Be wary of these people please, as Carmen said, we all have the ability to learn to do this. This will be everyday practice in the is actually science! I will place Carmen’s contact details below. Please don’t suffer, contact Carmen...she is as her book says magical. Carmen’s book is called ‘Shit happens, Magic Follows’. This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a fabulous read."   J.L. (Manchester)

  • "Thank you for the healing, my leg is soooo much better. I am not limping any more. You are truly powerful."   S.C. (London)

  • I am feeling very, very, different. And a deep sense of gratitude for our work today. Today I had a very important experience - an energy healing with Carmen. I did not know what to expect. I had done some EFT (emotional freedom technique) with Carmen, but what happened today was profound and powerful. My knee pain, which does enable walking between buses and tubes, had been getting worse. My right hip had even started to play up. For a long while, I had very stressful feelings of rage and fear that were threatening to interfere with my creative work, and have been making my knee and hip pain worse. What happened today was a revelation. Carmen's work deleted core emotional causes. The inter-generational causes inside my physical and emotional challenges were addressed head-on. I feel as if significant burdens have been removed. Keeping aligned now is my job, but I know where that line and that connection to myself is. I am now clearer about how to address physiological matters with my knees. Thank you Carmen - I am on the road to healing."       C.L. (Lecturer/Director, Amsterdam)
  • Dear Carmen, I wanted to let you know I got news that I have finally been given the all-clear based on CT, MRI, PET scans and biopsies under general anaesthetic. It has been a long hard road! Thanks so much for travelling some of it with me! I really appreciate the afternoon with you. I don't have the vocabulary to describe what happened, but it really affected me and made a positive difference."       M.H. (retired, London)

  • "My dearest Carmen, in terms of feedback re Tues, I cannot thank you enough! Spiritually, everything became crystal clear and I was able to communicate what I needed effectively. So, no longer sitting between two chairs! Physically, my arms are no longer hurting and the rest of the symptoms have calmed down. I was extremely tired up to last night but feel energised this morning. It feels like my body has been reset! Thank you so much and I am praying for you that God keeps you well so that you still may heal many people....
  • ...This card reminded me of you sprinkling magic on people when you do your thing. Words are not enough to express my gratitude for what you have done for me. Thank you so, so, much! I feel free. Energised. Happy. Connected. Grateful for what I have and for what is coming my way. It is you who have removed the blockage that prevented me from feeling this way. You are truly blessed. Now I'm sprinkling some blessings on you, too. Feel them? Much love. Yours always."      B.W. (Lawyer, London)

  • As I write this you're winging your way to the UK and I wish I had more time to spend with you. My shoulder has not only felt pain-free, but not stiff - moving freely as I walked home."   E.E. (Chef/Writer, Italy)

  • "After a fall outside the portaloos at The Strokes gig in Hyde Park, I injured my back. The pain didn't appear till a week or so later. A pain that travelled from my lower back all the way down to just below my calf. I was in agony but knew I had to be on form for work the next day. Painkiller is what is required I told myself.  A caring person offered me a strong painkiller (never take a drug prescribed for another person. What works for them won't necessarily work for you). It made me violently sick, though the distraction at least took the backache away - but careful what you wish for. The irony is I couldn't get to work because I almost passed out when I woke up. I was still throwing up and so out of it that I broke down in tears like a baby when my boyfriend tried to leave me for work. His loving, parting words to me went something like, "Will you at least try and eat some chocolate, babe." 
After about the third piece of fruit and nut and through tears of frustration and feeling a bit foolish, I hear the ping. My friend Carmen texting to see if I was attending her book launch. “Of course I am,” I said. “Can you bring Anna Scher?” she asks, "Of course" I say, “But can I call her a bit later because I'm not feeling so good?" "Why? What's up?" she asks. I tell her the story. "OK, would you like me to do some distance healing?" "Please, on my back too?" I ask, sheepishly. "Make yourself comfortable then text when you're ready." I do. "Tell me what you notice after ten minutes," she says. In the first minute or so I feel this intense pain in my left buttock from where the pain was originally emanating, then it subsides; then the tremor down my left leg begins. My only witness is the robin redbreast peering at me from the back garden door. The tremors continue off and on. Carmen calls back and asks how I am now. The pain has eased dramatically. "Anything else?" "I don't feel queasy anymore, but I am still shaking." "OK, stay on the phone."
The energy pours forth. A calmness floods through me, the shaking stops completely. I feel this rush of relief at feeling no pain. I am filled with gratitude to have such a friend in you, dear Carmen. Thank you! When the boyfriend returns he asks, “What happened? When I left you'd regressed to about the age of two.” "Carmen texted" I say, “And she did her thing."       V.C. (Therapist, London)
  • "Dear Carmen, bless you. Words are not enough to thank you for the distance healing. After the 15 minutes of intense healing you sent me I drifted into 3 hours deep sleep. During the healing I felt great warmth and a sparkling blue light which turned green over the whole abdominal area. After 10 minutes I passed the gas I need to urgently pass which was giving acute pain after the abdominal surgery. I woke feeling calm and rested. This is distance healing in the truest sense of the word! From you in London to me in my hospital bed in Australia. With much love and gratitude."  Sarah Kirkham (Australia)

  • "Thank you for seeing me at such notice [shortness of breath]. I was able to walk up the stairs for the first time in weeks without feeling like I'm going to have a heart attack."    S.M. (Hair Stylist, Jamaica)
  • Just wanted to let you know that since the treatment last weekend, my knee s much better! There has been a little bit of swelling (in both knees) but there was no pain during or after my football match last Sunday and I even managed to go to the gym on Tuesday and did a 20 minute run, again with no pain. I played again today and it was the same - no issues with any pain in the joint. So thanks so much for all your help!"    M.S. (Finance, London)
  • "My beautiful friend Carmen invited me for a bite to eat at hers. While waiting for the rest of the party to arrive she spotted I was coughing a lot and gave me a treatment there and then on her sofa. Since that day I feel fab, full of energy, chest fine!, sleeping like a baby (long-term insomniac me!). Thank you! You are one in a million!"    D.B. (Music Producer, London)

  •  "Good news! Today I had an ultrasound. When I was first diagnosed in November 2013 my lump was 2.5cm. An ultrasound in April indicated it had gone up to 3cm. In June I had a 'manual' examination and the doctor told me it was 4cm! Today it's 2.8cm!!! Yeah! Thank you so much. I loved your treatment and am eager to have another session with you."  K.N. (Bookkeeper, London)


  • "I woke in the middle of the night with pain so severe in my bladder that I was short of breath. I thought I’d have to wake someone up in the middle of the night as it didn’t feel safe to be alone, but I managed to do some deep breathing and the pressure and shooting pain in my bladder and subsided slightly and I was able to get through the night. The pain had been getting worse for months and I had got to the point now where I was going to the bathroom 5 times a night and every 1-2 hours when awake, I also had a burning sensation when urinating. I knew that I’d have to go to the doctor and probably take a course of antibiotics, but as it was the weekend and my doctors surgery doesn’t open at the weekend, I knew that I’d have to find some way to get through the weekend and cope with the pain, so I called Carmen. i never really thought for a moment that she would resolve the problem, I was only really expecting a band-aid solution to get me through the weekend. But, after just one session with her I can report a week later that i never had to go to the doctors after all… the pain urinating vanished! The shooting pain in my bladder vanished! And, I’m back to waking up only once per night to pee! I’ve also stopped urinating so frequently during the day and as far as I can tell feel completely healed and back to my old self!! Which is a huge relief! I really wasn’t expecting such dramatic results, but all I can say is I’m super glad that I went to see Carmen! I really can’t thank her enough."  M.G. (Actress, London)


  • "I visited Carmen after an operation on my broken femur bone. Whilst the hospital had told me that my bone was mending well and I was undergoing physiotherapy, I still felt that I was not making progress fast enough and was impatient to get rid of the constant feeling of pain and stiffness whilst walking and moving. The healing experience itself was a relaxing experience and during it I had quite strange sensations of rumbling in my stomach and a soft whooshing sound in my ears. Immediately after the session I was amazed to realise that I could put my shoes on and bend over far enough to do up the laces! - something I had not been able to do since the accident 4 months ago. Over the next few days, many incidents occurred which substantiated my increased flexibility, and mobility. Since the session I have felt that I have turned a corner in my recovery. It is difficult to explain but after the accident I felt that the injury was dictating my mind-set, and I felt constantly slightly shadowed by it. Since my healing session, I feel myself again and feel that life is getting back to normal rather than being dominated by my injury. Thank-you!" J.B. (Textiles, London)


  • "I'll be really honest in saying I was more than sceptical before my first visit. I was wrong and that's OK. The world is conditioning us to work on another level. I let that fear go and opened myself up completely to trust this wonderful being. I went the first time to help sort out my back but instead we concentrated on much darker issues in my past. There was an hour of the most bizarre feelings, energy becoming visceral. I could feel it, I could almost hold it, I tasted and smelt it. It was a painful experience but I felt it leaving my body. The second session was even more intense. My ribs were tender to the touch and my stomach ached and made incredible noises. Noises easily heard from outside my body. I managed to put the past into a place where I know where it is but it doesn't affect my energy or torment me, where it is only a memory not a feeling. For the first time in my life I like who I am. I'm allowed to let go of all that angry disappointed fearful negative severe mental torture. The strangest feeling was, I almost skipped out of the house. The burning fireball of pain that I went to have healed which we didn't even discuss didn't return on cue as it should have at 12:30 before the next set of medication. I highly recommend this gifted wonderful being. Carmen clearly has a gift in enabling me/you and many others to release and actually feel the ‘bad’ energy leave the body. It was the size of a loaf of bread and I felt it reduce and eventually disappear. What a wonderful gift to be able to channel that energy out of me. Eternally grateful Carmen."


[Later...] "Thanks Carmen for all your advice. It had to come into play this weekend with pain going through the roof and two nights really bad sweats, with just a couple of hours sleep. I did exactly what you said and although I still wasn't able to go out, I definitely controlled the effect it had on my energy and my mind. I was able to entertain guests this weekend and I was at peace in pain, quite a bizarre feeling. I felt the pain flow out of me. I sensed it, felt it and then let it go. Incredible. Only had to tap my collar bone 3 times max and that wasn't for pain just a couple of negative bitchy thoughts I didn't like I had. You're a super star. My mates are noticing a definite change in recovery both mentally and physically. Mwah. Xxx" M.K. (London)"


  • N came to see me about her wrist which she had fractured the week before. She was recommended to see me but didn't know what how I could help, given that the hospital x-ray had clearly shown the fracture. I sensed in N's energy an unresolved 'story' back in the past when she was 12 years old that most probably contributed to the self-sabotage of her 'accident.' After resolving this issue energetically, I smoothed the area around her wrist, which she felt as slightly painful movements beneath the skin. A week later N had another x-ray and her doctor exclaimed that she must have exceptional levels of calcium... as her wrist not only felt a lot better, but the x-ray showed no fracture!

  • B, an 80 year old pensioner and neighbour came to see me about lower back pain that had plagued him for the past 2 years. He said he found great difficulty stooping, walking up the hill and cutting his toenails. As he sat on the sofa he rated the pain 7 out of 10, often increasing to 9 out of 10. After a 70 minute session, he was able to reach towards his toes and stoop to pick up his keys on the floor with no pain at all! When I waved him goodbye I watched him as he began to make his way up the steep hill outside my house and he still reported no pain!

  • G complained of a bladder pain and having to urinate frequently. She'd been experiencing this for about a week and suspected an infection, but her GP couldn't see her for nearly another week. At the end of the session G commented that the pain had completely gone! I saw her the following week and she said that she was still without pain and that her urine test had come back clear. Whatever infection she may have had had now gone.

  • Y, suffering from terminal cancer and in his final days, received healing from me. During the healing, an unconscious emotion rose to his awareness. He realised a secret guilt he’d been carrying for the past 20 years. He said he’d had no idea the extent to which he had been burdened and tormented by this event. When I asked how he felt at the end of the ‘clearing’ of these dense energies, he told me that no words could describe the sense of lightness and relief he felt. He died peacefully several days later.

  • Franco, an elderly man in his final days, received healing from me. During the session, he experienced a number of profound sensations. He felt tingling throughout his body. He clearly heard his name being whispered, several times, close to his right ear. He saw a bright white light behind his eyes. Later, he excitedly described this light as being incomparable to anything he had ever seen in his entire life. He died peacefully, as a beautiful rainbow settled across his torso.

  • C, age 40, complained of a back pain that she’d had since she was a little girl and put into a back brace for scoliosis of the spine. I asked her to rate the pain but she said she’d lived with it for so long, she wouldn’t know how to. I asked her to rate the pain on the back of her hand. She looked quizzically at me and replied ‘Zeros?’ I told her to use that as her base-line for rating her back pain. She said it was 5, but constant. I also asked her whether she could touch her toes. She said she hadn’t been able to do that since she was 12. After a hands-on session that took approximately 20 minutes (that’s all the time she had) I asked her to touch her toes. She immediately stood up and touched both toes. When she straightened up, her eyes were as wide as saucers. ‘I don’t believe it!’ she exclaimed. She touched her toes again and again. She told me that over the course of the following week she couldn’t STOP touching her toes. She turned up at my Meetup two weeks later and when we were doing the round of personal introductions she said ‘My name is C. I am here today because I want to know how Carmen healed me so that I can stop saying ‘I can’t believe it!’’

  • Terry was hospitalised after suffering excruciating pain from kidney stones. Unable to pass the stone, he was put on pain-killing medication and discharged. Two weeks later he was still in pain and still hadn’t passed the stone. After our healing session his pain disappeared. Two days later he passed the stone, effortlessly and painlessly.

  • Jack, age 8 was brought to me with streaming eyes. His problem was hay fever, and he’d suffered with it for 4 years. His mother said that his eyes would become extremely itchy and sore (sometimes it was so bad with swelling he would have to visit the hospital at least once a year, and his condition forced their move from West London where he was badly affected by a particular type of pollen). One day at school he had a severe attack whereby his eyes were so itchy and swollen he was unable to open his eyes, he was sent home from school extremely distressed and somewhat hysterical, His mother brought him straight round to me to do some healing. During the healing, however, he was much calmer and was able to co-operate and even open his eyes. They appeared very red. It was apparent that there was a very definite point in Jack’s life when the hay fever started. Using energy psychology, we worked on the issues surrounding this period, followed by hands-on healing, during which Jack fell sound asleep. But as soon as he hopped off the couch, he started crying again. His mother decided to take him to Moorfields Hospital, as it appeared that there was something other than the hay fever that was causing his distress. I agreed that this was best, and we should perhaps resume the ('failed') sessions at a later date. Jack’s hospital examination revealed that he had indeed been in pain as he’d somehow managed to scratch his cornea during the course of his school day. He was given medication and the eyes healed up quite quickly. It was only weeks later that Jack’s mother noticed that Jack’s normal associations with nature – grass, trees, flowers, pollen – wasn’t producing the usual effect of red, itchy eyes. It turned out that, despite the distraction of Jack’s very real pain, the healing work for his hay fever had worked after all! 

Postscript: A year later, Jack's mother contacted me to tell me that the hay fever had returned. Discussing the matter, it became apparent that this latest bout was triggered by a recent emotional event. I encouraged Jack's mother (having previously coached her in the basics of EFT) to do the tapping herself. Though she was a little nervous she tapped on Jack to resolve his latest trauma, and the result was that Jack’s Hay fever had gone. She will continue to monitor the condition next to see whether it comes back. She is very relieved and amazed how effective the healing session was and tapping had helped with his healing. 


  • Carlotta, an avid footballer, was looking forward to taking part in football trials to rejoin her football team. But the day before whilst playing tennis with her sister, she fell and heard her knee 'go crack.' The next day she was bruised and limping and angry with herself. We began by tapping on how the area above her knee actually felt: 'hard... bruised... hurting.' We then tapped on how Carlotta felt emotionally: anger, disappointment and blaming herself for the accident. When we resolved these emotions, I placed my hands above the affected area. Carlotta immediately said she could feel the heat. She could also feel the pain moving in different parts of the knee area and along her thigh. How weird! I reassured her that this was her body doing its own healing. After a few minutes I asked Carlotta to touch her leg to see if it felt any differently. She lightly pinched the flesh above the knee and said that the muscle tissue felt much softer, as it was too tense before to pinch. When I told her to stand she was too scared to bend her knee, so we tapped on the fear of pain, and I did a little more healing. We ran out of time so I had to end the session. As I watched her limping towards the pitch, I wasn't sure whether we had given sufficient time to the healing. However, Carlotta completed the trials, pain-free and playing without a limp, and the next day the swelling had gone.

  • 18 month old Tia had been poorly for 10 days with viral diarrhoea. She was frail, had gone off her food and, more worryingly, was only taking occasional sips of fluids. Her anxious mother took her to A&E and was told that there was nothing they could do, and it could take up to 2 weeks (!) for the bug to pass through. When mum came to see me Tia fretted and nervously clung to her, so I worked with Tia in this position. After 20 minutes we were done. I told mum to expect a last bout of diarrhoea, the toxins leaving Tia’s system. Half an hour later, Tia was running around the house and garden, eating pasta and drinking ravenously. Another half hour later, Tia passed diarrhoea. Mum described it as the worst for the whole of the previous 10 days. After that, Tia’s stools were back to normal. So was Tia. Mum was bewildered. She admitted that she didn't 'believe in those things' and had only come to see a 'healer' because her mother-in-law had urged her to. 

  • Plagued by hayfever, Briony, a TV producer, was about to cancel a business meeting as her streaming eyes and other symptoms were so bad she was unable to drive. Arriving by bus for an ‘emergency’ session, it wasn’t long before she was symptom-free! She felt so relaxed she decided to postpone the meeting so she could enjoy a rarity, spending a summer’s day barefoot in the garden. 

  • Sian, a bus driver, had been off work for over 6 months with lower back sciatica. When she made the phone call she was in agony and in tears. She couldn't conceive how she could survive the 20 minute journey by bus. Her friend brought her by car, and Sian told me that the hospital and her GP had told her that there was nothing they could do apart from prescribe pain-killers. It seemed there was no hope. After an hour's session, however, Sian couldn't believe it. She walked out of the door completely pain-free! She rang the next day to say that for the first time in months, she'd slept peacefully and without pain. A week later she phoned again to say that she was still pain-free and that she had given my cards to friends and colleagues, and that even her GP wanted my details! Sian is now back at work, and recently walked down the aisle, still pain-free. 

  • Paul, a terminal cancer patient wanted energy and pain-relief in order to enjoy a party being held in his honour. It was only 9pm and despite being on morphine and strong medication, he was already too exhausted and debilitated to carry on. After a relatively short session of healing he was pain-free and energised enough to party till 2am! 

  • Reima, a theatre manager, had been experiencing lower back pains for several months. During her session she commented on the heat she felt where I placed my hands. She sweated so much she saturated the cushion on which she was lying, but the pain went! Months later she is still without pain. She recently communicated that sat up to micro-plait a friend’s hair for 2 hours - something that previously would have been unthinkable. 

  • Cherry booked her first session in a state of anxiety. A week prior, she’d discovered a breast lump and, overcoming her fear of the worst, had gone to have it examined by her GP. Her GP confirmed that the lump was ‘possibly nasty,’ and immediately referred Cherry to a hospital oncologist. During the two week wait for her hospital appointment, Cherry had two sessions with me, a week apart. Each session mainly involved energy work around specific unresolved issues to do with Cherry’s early childhood. At the end of these sessions, she received five minutes of Quantum Entrainment (QE) directly on the lump in her right breast. A few days after the first session, Cherry phoned to say that she’d noticed that her memory and perception of the past had shifted from dwelling purely on the negative to remembering and appreciating positive aspects of her childhood that she’d forgotten. During the second session she told me that she was aware that the lump appeared to be more raised and noticeable. Two weeks later, Cherry called again, this time to tell me that she had seen the oncologist… and he could not find the lump! What he could find, however, was some internal ‘bruising’ in the area where both Cherry and her GP had found the lump. The specialist concluded that the bruising had been caused by Cherry possibly ‘bumping into something.’ Cherry couldn’t remember any such incident, and as any woman will tell you, if you were to ever ‘bump into’ something sharp or hard enough to cause bruising to tender breast tissue, you would certainly know about it.  

  • Agnese, a student, was accustomed to having headaches every day for 7 years since the age of 12. The doctors couldn’t find a cause, never mind a cure. She lived on pain-killers. During the session and for an entire week later, the headaches disappeared. Since then, the headaches have returned 'rarely' and are ‘nothing like’ they used to be. You can read the full story on the EFT website EFTUniverse:  


  • Den, a musician, was diagnosed with a fractured rib after tripping while out running. The doctor prescribed pain killers and suggested a healing period of 6 weeks. After only one session the pain eased so dramatically Den was able to sleep without painkillers. Two days later he stood for two hours with a guitar strapped to his chest. He got through band practise experiencing the merest discomfort, and never returned to his painkillers.

  • Nora came to me with back pain which she had suffered from for the past 14 years. After a single session, the pain went, and Nora was amazed. A few weeks later, however, she told me that the pain had returned. When she came for the second session, she realised that the pain was in her back, but in a different place. And this pain related to a different past emotional event to the first. An hour or so into the session, the pain went, and so far, has not returned.

  • Tom, an actor, complained of muscle strain in both arms after overdoing it at the gym. He described the pain as intense (7, on a 0-10 scale). With energy healing, the pain noticeably reduced in both arms then curiously began to increase in the left. Use of energy psychology discovered an unresolved fear from a trauma to his left arm when he was aged 8. After collapsing that memory, the pain went completely. During the healing Tom said he could feel waves of energy coursing through his body and described the session as 'Amazing.' 

  • Cameron, 15 years old, had a knee injury that had been giving him intermittent problems for a few weeks. During the warm-up before a match he hurt his knee again and it looked like he wouldn’t be able to play. The coach brought Cameron to me and asked whether there was anything I could do. Cameron was limping and in obvious pain. During the healing, Cameron was amazed that he could feel heat and tingling in and around the area that was injured. 20 minutes later, I asked Cameron to stand and put pressure on the bad  knee to see whether he could bring back the pain. Cameron couldn’t locate the pain and said that the bad leg actually felt better than his good leg! He went off on the pitch and played an entire game with no return of the pain. When last I spoke to him, several weeks later, he was still untroubled by his knee and playing football pain-free.

  • My own son suffers from growing pains. The other night he had a sleepover at a friend's and phoned home at about 4am. He had leg cramps (which he scored 8 out of 10) and was in so much pain he couldn't go to sleep. He was whispering into his mobile, afraid of waking his friend and friend's family. I gave him (EFT) tapping instructions, but he found it awkward holding the phone to his ear whilst tapping, so I told him to put the phone down, relax, and I would send him distance healing. Fifteen minutes later, to avoid disturbing the household, I texted him for feedback. I got no reply so had to resort to ringing him. A sleepy voice replied that the pain had reduced to 2 and that he badly wanted to go to sleep. Relieved, I wished him a good night and went to sleep myself.  

* * * * * * * * * 
  • Jake, aged 15, missed a long-awaited overseas school trip after a suspected bout of appendicitis. The abdominal pain was constant and continued for four months. After seeing his GP and a hospital consultant, his condition was put down to stress. During our session Jake was very sensitive to energy. His stomach gurgled a lot, he felt heat from my hands, and described the painful area as being 'bubbly' when I was administering healing. This latter sensation was something he'd never felt before. I reassured him that this was his own body doing its healing. It seemed a simple enough case, and I fully expected this would be a one-session wonder. However, Jake proved that every client is unique and the path of our healing cannot always be predicted. Three sessions later, Jake wrote:
'I went to Carmen because I had been suffering with lower right abdominal pains for 4 months. I didn't really know what to expect of the treatment. Throughout the treatment, I felt relaxed and calm and left feeling very chilled out. I had 3 treatments and in the weeks following, the pain began to subside." 

* * * * * * * * *  


  • S called on the eve of flying from the UK to the US. She said that her brother was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia (colloquially described as the 'suicide illness' because the pain can be so great the sufferer often contemplates suicide as a way out) and could I help? Her brother's operation was scheduled within days but in the meantime he was in great pain despite being on the highest dosage of morphine. I instructed S to call me when she had reached the US and was at her brother's bedside. Around 11.30pm she called and we worked via speakerphone as there was some problem with getting Skype. I communicated through S as her brother was in such discomfort he could barely speak. Despite the morphine his pain was 7/10. I conveyed that  I would send some initial healing down the phone. In response to this healing, and through S, her brother conveyed that he could feel tingling around his face. This was a good sign. I then used energy psychology to identify the mental/emotional root cause of the issue and focused the healing in this area. Within 20 minutes her brother's pain had plummetted to zero! I instructed him to do a little meditation in private and for S to let me know his progress. S later sent an email

"I did not want to call you back as it is so late... My brother came out of his meditation and he was smiling and has talked a bit! He had a reprieve from the pain for the first time in days... Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Carmen, I really cannot thank you enough". 
* * * * * * * * *  
  • Jacqueline had been having severe stomach pains for several months. Despite having been examined by her doctor, the cause was a mystery. She told me that if she forgot to take the pain-killing medication prescribed by her doctor the pain would rise to a 9 (out of 10). Jacqueline’s underlying issues went back to around the time of her mother’s death, and the years before. When we worked on those issues, Jacqueline’s pain intensified, and then gradually dissolved. At the end of the session, not only was she pain-free in her stomach, but an aggravating discomfort in her shoulder had also miraculously disappeared. That night Jacqueline went without her painkillers. She hadn’t needed them that night, nor since that night, because the pain never came back. 

“Thank you for seeing me at such short notice. The results are fantastic I haven't had to take any medication for my stomach, my shoulder is not bothering me any more but the most amazing result is that I feel a weight has been lifted.”

* * * * * * * * * * 


  • Since she was a baby, Hannah, age 12, suffered from a severe allergy to cow (goat and ewe's) milk. In the early years, on a number of occasions, she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance after accidentally consuming cow milk products. As well as a puffer for asthma, she also carried an Epi-pen in case of further anaphylactic shocks that would result in her tongue tingling, a rash developing on her hands and face, a worsening of her eczma, and her throat alarmingly swelling up. Recently, her symptoms had appeared to be less extreme, and there was a hope that she might be ‘outgrowing’ her allergy, though she was still vigilant against products containing milk, butter or cream. During our session, Hannah fantasised about eating chocolate birthday cake ‘like her friends,’ so I centred her treatment around this strong desire, and the equally strong perception of certain foods ‘not being safe.’ At one point, Hannah felt palpable ‘tingly’ and numb sensations down her right leg, and her left cheek developed a temporary redness similar to an allergic rash. At the beginning of the session, she had tested weak when holding a plastic bag containing some cream – this confirmed her allergy. After the session, however, Hannah’s muscle test was very strong. A few days after the treatment, it was Hannah’s birthday. With her mother's permission, I bought her a chocolate cupcake and some chocolate coins, which she ate with no noticeable symptoms. Since then, she informs me that she has eaten pizza, cake, croissants and pancakes – products made with milk she would not normally have eaten. Yet, she has not experienced any of the usual allergic reactions of the past. 

“I don’t feel left out any more. I can eat whatever is given to me, and my Mum doesn’t have to tell anyone I have a milk allergy." (Hannah)

"Understandably, after a lifetime's concern, Hannah is still wary of consuming milk-products (such as cheese). But biscuits hold no fear for her!"  (Hannah's father). 

* * * * * * * * *  


  • Louise, a retired nurse, came to me for high blood pressure. She explained that she’d suffered from the condition for a long time and had been on medication for over 30 years. She brought along a portable BP machine and we took a reading before the session. Her BP registered 157/90. That reading was perhaps a little higher than normal as the idea of the session itself would have caused some anxiety. I asked Louise, if she could choose, what would she like her reading to be. She said that 135/80 would be great. During the session, it became apparent that what precipitated the condition was an unresolved issue that occurred some 30+ years ago. Two hours later, after working through and gently releasing the energetic blocks around the issue, Louise commented that the tight band of pressure she normally felt around her forehead and the right centre of her head was gone. She also said that she felt light and calm and peaceful. We didn’t bother to take another BP reading as it was plainly obvious that it had greatly reduced. The real test would be whether, out in the real world, Louise’s reading would continue to be low. I received an email from her daughter that evening to say that her mother’s reading was ‘a great result’ at an incredible 113/70! Another email the following day said that her mother’s BP was still normal. Three weeks later, still with a low reading, Louise wrote:      

"Since I've seen Carmen my blood pressure is more under control. She has provided me with useful natural techniques in terms of managing my pressure, which compliments my medication. I am also more relaxed when I visit my doctor."

                                              * * * * * * * *  


  • Rhona was fretting about an upcoming doctor's visit. As well as experiencing anxiety, she'd also been suffering from prolonged headaches and feeling generally below par. 

"Thank you so much for yesterday - I feel tons better! Best thing is my headache has gone and I haven't had to use my puffer all day. (I've had headaches more or less non stop since I got the lung infection before Christmas - I'd started to get worried about how much paracetemol I was taking!) Most of all I do not feel overwhelmed any more. On the contrary, I feel I can cope so much better.  I went out last night to a friend's birthday meal, which I had previously been dreading because I was feeling so rough. Instead I went out looking forward to the evening, and had a great time. A couple of people even said I looked well - and instead of assuming they were lying, I believed them! So I felt better still. You were so creative in your approach - that makes it very special. It is such a good thing to try and connect your body to thoughts and feelings in that way. A positive circle has been triggered and all thanks to you...... [Another session for back pains] ...Thank you so much. Back improving rapidly, but best of all, I feel so much better, and more cheerful! Am extremely grateful."

 * * * * * * * *  


  • Ana, a political scientist from Montenegro was suffering from a bad bout of the flu which affected her sinuses and resulted in head pains. She was a little nervous as she didn't know what to expect. 

"I have to say that this is my first experience when it comes to people who have a special power or energy that is successfully used to help others. Words are perhaps the wrong way to explain this situation... you must simply dozivjeti. I had a severe headache, especially strong because of my general condition, which was pretty bad, because I was suffering from the flu. My body was hot and the pain in my head was like a ‘pulse.’ When Carmen approached me and then put her hands on me, a feeling of peace swept over me… and then suddenly ‘cool’ (like a pump that pulls everything from your mind at that moment and fills you with something new... in my case, ‘cold,’ an energy that was much needed). What particularly fascinated me was when I could still feel her hand in front of my face when it wasn’t even there ... simply, unbelievable. The pain stopped, and I had a feeling of lightness (light as a feather), and as I mentioned, feeling spokoja. Carmen told me: "Relax and do not think about anything,’ I thought that it was impossible, but I was soon convinced of the opposite. The entire atmosphere (candles, music, silence and, of course, Carmen), makes it really possible for you to find your own peace… and I finally felt really better.  A big thank you."      A. E. (Political Scientist, Montenegro) 

* * * * * * * * *  


  • When Janice, a book retailer, walked through the door she didn't have to tell me that she was in agony. Due to chronic back pain and sciatica her face was creased and she winced with each step she took. Despite trying many remedies over the course of 10 years, including sessions with a chiropractor, she showed me how her spine had eventually developed a pronounced curve from right to left. She pulled up her top and painfully raised both arms as best she could and I took a photo of the curvature before beginning the session. She then approached the couch, negotiating each step as though she were about to climb a treacherous mountain. From experience, she knew that any sudden movement would cause pain, and her pain-killers had already begun to wear off. Without them, she said that her pain would soar to 10 (out of 10). When she finally managed to get onto the couch and lay on her back, she had to raise both legs to avoid triggering the sciatic nerve. During the session, using EFT, we soon discovered the root of the energy blockage. It originated at a time when Janice's life was in turmoil from various domestic stresses. As we worked on the issues, Janice was amazed at how, despite lying perfectly still, she could feel sensations ranging from discomfort to excruciating pain in different parts of her body - shoulders, arms, chest, back, neck, head, hip, thigh. Though it appeared that the problem was in her right hip/back area, I felt that the blockage was actually around her neck/shoulder area on the left-hand side. Gradually, she began to lower both legs and it was obvious to me that, despite being without painkillers, her discomfort was reducing. As the trapped energy began to release she experienced a warm sensation filling her chest that she said she couldn't fully describe. Eventually, I knew that the pain had disspiated, but I also knew that because Janice had spent the last 10 years living with a great deal of discomfort, her brain would not have had time to accept this, and her body, from habit, would automatically tense with the anticipation of agony. We worked on reversing this situation, after which I casually asked Janice to sit up. She did this, to her surprise, without thinking about it. When she realised that she was up on her feet and walking around pain-free, all she could utter for a time, both eyes wide with astonishment, was "Wow! Wow! Wow! This is amazing!" As she walked around the room with increasing confidence, I could see that her body was straightening and losing the scoliosis. She was also shivering, a sign of the body producing cooling energy to counteract the previous excess of energy (normally associated with pain). I asked her to raise her arms so that I could take another photo. She was surprised to realise that she could now stretch both arms above her head, fully and with ease. You will see from the photos (see blog) how Janice's torso adjusted by as much as 50% after only one session. Five days later, Janice wrote this: 

"Having come to you, highly recommended by a friend, it's the best decision I have made in a long time. I have problems with my back and every now and then the pain gets so bad I can hardly walk. My body gets totally twisted and all I want to do is bury myself under the duvet. When my friend suggested I see Carmen, I decided to give it a go. I wasn't holding out much hope, but I decided to go with an open mind as my friend had said such wonderful things about the healing. I limped into Carmen's house. After the 1.5 hour treatment, I floated out! That was Monday 26th April 2010. Today I travelled four hours on the coach to Bradford and no-one can believe how straight and happy and pain-free I am! Thank you Carmen - I've already recommended you to friends." 

Read the full protocol here:

 * * * * * * * *   


  • June badly sprained her ankle and had been off work for four days. You could argue that accidents are merely accidents. However, our subconscious is always communicating with us, and this is usually translated through 'events' happening to the physical body. During the healing session the pain eased substantially, but the next day June phoned to say that it had returned and was little better. During our second session it became apparent that the pain had reappeared when June returned to a particular social situation in her life. We worked on this through healing and energy psychology (Z-Point) and she went away saying that her foot felt 'better' - though not entirely healed. I told her that the healing was still in process, and to stay open to that. The next day she sent this text from work: 
  • "Just moved from my desk and felt as if something cleared in my foot. Got up to walk and like magic 96% [of the pain] just disappeared. I can put my foot down without that sharp pain. Am walking with a spring in my step! Thank you soooo much!"

  •  L had recently got married and started trying for a baby 3 months ago. But she had a terrifying fear that at the tender age of just 27 she was too old to conceive. She also had an immense fear of life. Six weeks later, she sent me an email:

"Dear Carmen, I'm pregnant!!!! No words can tell you how much I'm happy! Thank you for your healing... I love you."


  • Animals benefit, too!   My friend’s dog, Diesel, was poorly. He had mysteriously hurt his paw and had been unwell for some days. I had my Laser in my bag and Diesel took to it right away. He relaxed contentedly on my lap as I used it on his entire body and paw. Later, we went for a walk and my friend commented that Diesel was pulling hard on the leash and seemed to have more energy. On that walk, her son, Jack, caught his finger in an iron gate. He was distressed and crying, and a dark bruise appeared. Almost as soon as I put the Laser on his finger, he calmed down, more interested in the light that the Laser was emitting. I used the Laser for less than 5 minutes, but half an hour later, after putting ice on his finger, the bruise was barely detectable. My friend wrote:

 Diesel took to his bed clearly absolutely exhausted after your visit. So I was all set to take him to the vet this morning, but his paw seems completely better today, and he is like his old self... he hasn't whimpered or flinched about the paw once. Jack's finger looks like the bruise happened about two weeks ago by the way, not yesterday! Absolutely amazing.”  


* * * *

  • "Dear Carmen, I came for a session a few weeks ago and just thought I would drop you an email to let you know that I practically skipped out of your house after the [Actor Surgery] session and am doing well. You said I would feel lighter, and I do. And this past week I've had what has felt like the most fun week I've ever had!! Thank you so much!"     S.H. (Actress, London)

  • "That treatment you gave me yesterday was amazing!! That deep despair and grief that has been my life since April has weirdly lifted! It was as if it had physical weight pushing me down which has now gone. I noticed that I felt lighter as I left your front door walking to my car. I still feel sad when I think of my Mum but it isn't crushing my heart or all-encompassing. It's more like I have a lot to do and Mum would want me to get on with life. I was so surprised the despair wasn't mine, but it made total sense. It's like I feel cushioned with that information now and feel Mum is more at peace with the situation which I still refused to accept even till yesterday. Accepting it feels OK now. Thank you Sweetheart, Angel-person."      HL (London)

  • "Dear Carmen, your work is better than you make it out to be. I shall recommend you if ever I know of anyone who needs healing. You are quite good at picking things up without being told. You are definitely up there with the best healers. What I have is not like ABC, it take some effort and I thank you for the work that you did. God bless and keep you."     YM (student, London)

  •  "Dearest Carmen, thank you so much. I feel so much better after seeing you, my back and throughout feels better. Also, I have been sleeping better."               B.B. (Artist, London)

  • "Meant to tell you the other good news - my thyroid levels are NORMAL [on thyroid medication for 7 years] - no meds, no supplements, no iodine, just good old-fashioned Carmen!    J.S. (Performer, California)

  • "Thank you so, so much for your healing! It is the very first time that I felt the energy and connection to my inner self or higher being or divinity, however it is referred to. I read so much about this, tried yoga and meditation before but never felt this energy, this peace and calm...This morning I noticed that the pain in both arms and shoulders has completely vanished! Just wanted to share this with you as it might very likely be the result of your further healing from a distance yesterday. You are a truly gifted Angel walking this planet! S
    hould I ever lose this connection, the serenity I feel now, I would definitely come to see you again! "

  • "Hello Carmen, after you treated my ear [infection], that same evening my ear cleared up. Before that it had been blocked by something and right away, my hearing improved. Also, the pain is a lot less now. Most of the time there is no pain at all. Thank you very much for the help, it's really amazing!                                 R. E. (Dive Instructor, Thailand)
  •  "I suffered from a horrible and extremely strong headache for more than ten days I was taking 4-6 tablets every day without any results, but the pain didn't show any signs of decreasing, and I was exhausted. I couldn't work, study or have any fun, so I tried a healing session because I knew that the problem was deeper and more complicated than an ordinary headache. During the session, I passed through very different stages, from anxiety to peace, from lightness to heaviness - but those were just emotions created by old painful memories that Carmen helped me to get through and accept with serenity. I could actually feel my pain getting less strong, bit by it, until it was completely gone. I could also feel my arms and legs tingling. At the end of the session, I was extremely relaxed, and a bit cold and my arms and head were heavy, but the extraordinary thing was that my mood was completely changed. I was relaxed, calm and full of energy! It has been a powerful experience that helped me a lot. It has now been ten days and I still don't have a headache and I don't feel my old stressed self at all."                       A. D. (Student, London)
  • "When you are in trouble and you need help it is very important to find the right person who can support you. But the task is more than just difficult. You can visit ten people and still not find the right one. I am a lucky person. I found Carmen who is helping me through the most difficult time in my life. Through her healing treatment, she helps me to believe that I can win. Her kindness, spirit, knowledge and understanding of the psychology of people is extraordinary."                          E. R. (Magazine Owner/Publisher, Surrey)

  • I slept the whole night for the first time in a month. My chest got rid of whatever was there bothering me. I feel good!! Big thanks."   L. M. (Researcher, Cambs)

  • "Carmen gave me healing last Saturday for my neurotic hunger and to lose weight as I felt unhappy with myself. I felt very 'strange' afterwards. It's incredible, only one week and I've lost two kilos and I'm not hungry any more as before. She is amazing! She really is a gift of God!! Carmen Harris is one of the best energy healers on earth! Wow!!!"     S.M. (Dentist, London)

  • I suffered from a persistent cold and cough and seemed to develop something nasty in the bronchial tubes, making breathing laboured and even painful, when I even slightly exerted myself. Exercising was out of the question. Having tried traditional medication and steam, without any significant improvement, I went to see Carmen as a recommendation by a friend, who had had amazing results for her similar ailment. Carmen was welcoming, gentle, as well as thorough in her practice. When she was going through my medical history, she discovered that I also had an uncomfortable, long-standing shoulder problem with which I had learned to live with daily exercise and the occasional visit to the physio. As a result of the treatment, not only was my breathing restored, but also my shoulder got better than it has been for over 10 years! I couldn't believe how one visit could cure me! I am truly grateful and don't hesitate to recommend Carmen as a fantastic healer."              L.M. (London)

  • "I went to Carmen for treatment on a severely broken finger. It was a mess, there's no other word for it - it hardly even resembled a finger. The hospital told me that it would take 6-12 months before the full damage could be assessed. I am a musician, and so this was devastating. 
    It is 6 weeks after the accident, and the healing that has taken place has surprised everyone, friends and hospital alike. The hand therapist was astounded, and she thinks I can probably begin very light practice after 8 weeks. Carmen is amazing, she unearthed so much more than the finger problem!  Consequently, I am sleeping so much better and I have a sense of optimism I never had before the accident. I can't overstate my respect for her work."    Margo (musician, London)

  • “I am very pleased to write to thank you for your time and for sharing your immense energy. Saturday afternoon I had worked long and hard for 4 hours on my land and I had strained my back and arms with prolonged use of the mower. In the evening the pain was so much I couldn’t stand straight or sit in the car, I was really in pieces. During the healing I had an increasing feeling of wanting to vomit and I stop and drink some water. After the healing was done, the pain was a little better but I noticed there was no longer any fear. The next morning I woke up as normal with a feeling of relief and well-being, a miracle, given how I had felt the day before. I owe everything to your energy and thank you from my heart.”                             L.R. (Montoreo, Italy)


  • "Before I came to see you, I was overwhelmed by tiredness but I knew that regardless of how much I slept I would always feel the same. Today I decided to let my body rest as much as it needed, but after your healing session yesterday, I couldn't stay in bed. I cleaned my bathroom which was a disgrace, and spent an hour with my neighbour sharing a glass of wine and gossiping. Neither of these activities would have been possible before I saw you. Honestly, Carmen, I was paralysed which was really pathetic, but you have released it. You allowed me to let go of something that my conscious mind knew, but until you tapped into the unconscious mind, it was never going to stick. I've got it now, and I'm truly grateful. I'll be sticking close by though, because I believe you are the route to my enlightenment. Thank you so much...."

[a later session for her mother]  "My mother is feeling fantastic. She's now sleeping really well, and not spending her nights going over bad memories - what a difference it has made to her. She's also out gardening every day and has loads of energy. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are making such a difference to us all. Many thanks, Carmen."     L.C (PA, London)
  • "Just to say that my voice is sooo much better, thank you. The big test will be when I return after the holidays but am very confident that you've helped shift a lot of STUFF!!!  N.R. (Actress, Berkhamstead) 

  • "On Friday in the cold and dark early hours of the morning I slowly made my way to the Urgent Care Centre at the Whittington Hospital. Since Wednesday I had been slowly using the mobility in my right arm, the pain becoming more and more unbearable. Having hardly slept and in fit of tears and desperation I decided that I needed to seek medical help.  A couple of hours later, I left the Whittington with a considerable amount of very strong painkillers and a diagnosis. I had been told that I had a ‘Frozen Shoulder,’ something that could happen to anyone at any time. It sounded so harmless but meant that I was going to spend the next month in excruciating pain and with no more than 30 degrees of movement in my right hand and that I could expect stiffness in the arm for the foreseeable future (and possibly the need for an operation). I was told to head home by the Doctor, that I could do nothing more than rest, ice the shoulder, keep it elevated and take the painkillers I had been prescribed. How was I going to be able to work and live with this diagnosis? I needed to see Carmen.




                                                                                                                                                                                                After explaining the diagnosis and expected recovery to Carmen a determined look came over her face; ‘Months’ she said and shook her head. Carmen treated me for two sessions and advised me to tap on the pain myself in between. It sounds so simple when I write it down but the last 36 hours have shown me that there is so much more to healing than conventional medicine.  I started the first session by hardly being able to move my arm, I was in constant pain and, though I was hiding it, absolutely terrified of what this diagnosis meant for me. Even knowing that Carmen had helped so many people I was still sceptical; what if this doesn’t work for me? At the end of the second session as I lifted my arm up towards the ceiling I could have cried with joy. Instead, the biggest smile broke out over my face. In just over 24 hours I had gone from hopeless to hope-filled.                                                                                                                                                        

    I have not only been healed by Carmen but I have been given a gift; the knowledge and belief that I can heal myself. To me that is a priceless thing.  I go forward from this knowing that Carmen will be there should I need her, but that I now have the tools to continue this voyage of healing. That the emotional ‘baggage’ I carry, that the aches and pains I experience are not just something ‘I have to live with.’ That for me and for you there is a different way of life out there, if you can find the courage to find and take it. So starts my new journey; to stop smoking and more importantly to not let my life be ruled by my fears.”                                                                                                                                                    

    [a few days later...]  “My arm is wonderful and that is the complete truth. The residual soreness has now almost completely gone. I have full movement and no twinges at all. I am still in complete awe 

    to be honest”  

[another issue] "My [twistedankle is so much better today, I have been able to walk on it with no issues. Thank you!"        

B.G (IT management, London)





  • "For the past four years I have suffered from constipation. On average I would go to the toilet once a week and even sometimes not for up to two weeks. Due to all the food still sitting in my stomach, I would often get stomach cramps and feel sick whilst eating. Whilst on holiday last year, Carmen did some healing on my stomach and also convinced me to try the Laser on my abdomen. A day later I was able to go to the toilet!!! I continued to use the Laser a few more times and I am now able to go to the toilet every 1-2 days as opposed to 1-2 weeks. My stomach cramps have now stopped as I am going toilet much more regularly. Thank you so much, Carmen."   T.M. (Student, London)


  • "My name is Maddi Black and I am an Actress, Singer and Guitarist. I love my work but unfortunately as a solo musician I have to carry around a lot of heavy PA equipment. One night while rushing to a gig I was lifting a speaker into my car and I managed to pull my back muscles. As a result when I sleep at night I get pain and cramps down my spine that keeps me awake. I had the pleasure of meeting Carmen through my acting agent and she suggested the Laser therapy. I went to Carmen for a session and afterwards I felt like I was floating on air. That same night I slept like a log. No pain at all. My back felt free and my muscles were relaxed with no cramping. I would highly recommend Carmen Harris as a healer... (3 WEEKS LATER) My back has been much better thanks, I have the odd twinge now and then but a big overall improvement"  M.B. (London)

  • "My name is Marta, I’m a volleyball player. Three weeks ago during a match I turned my ankle. I went to the hospital and they told me there was no fracture, just a bad twist. They gave me crutches because the foot was really swollen and really bad. At the end of the day the doctor told me that I had to keep the crutches for 5/6 weeks. And than... a little miracle! I went to Carmen and after the session (with laser and movements of hands) I was really better and two days later I started walking without crutches! Thanks Carmen! You are Amazing!:) "        M.C. (Design student/Volleyall player. Aosta, Italy)

  • "The placement of the two lasers at various points on my neck and back at first felt, very simply, like the application of a good, gentle pressure. Not unlike having someone's hand gently resting on your back. Lying face-down, I felt the entire length of my body settling into itself. It was very relaxing, and at the same time fortifying--especially as I became more and more aware of the energy emanating from the lasers. As Carmen periodically changed the settings and positions of the lasers, I felt different areas opening, strengthening, and aligning in new ways. When I turned onto my back, face-up, I didn't feel exposed but instead felt immersed in a space that was at once sheltering and freshening. In addition to the steady energy from the lasers, I became aware of other sources of energy cohering at critical points, especially around my cranium - the work of Carmen's hands. During this time, I felt my body coming into a powerful equilibrium. I also felt a gathering mental clarity. When Carmen asked me questions, I had no trouble producing responses; normally, however, I am prone to over-think; my head gets in the way when a candid response is called for. Not so in this case. To my great surprise, I also experienced a rapid flow of positive memories, from many stages of my life, prompted by the images Carmen asked me to call up (I learned this was evident to her, as well, from my rapid eye movement). Also to my great surprise, my stomach (the site of my medical problems) was responding quite audibly, making noises, sorting and resorting in a profound way. I experienced this gastrointestinal activity as another form of opening, realigning, and grounding. The session ended as gently as it had begun, but I felt strongly altered. In fact, not too long afterwards I fell asleep – had a kind of a deep power-nap for 45 minutes -something I'm usually not able to accomplish when I need it and have the chance. I awoke feeling a great sense of coherence and well-being. P.S. I need to say again how amazed I am that you mentioned my spleen, first thing. I can't tell you how many years (2+) and tests it took, before my doctors brought that up as a possibility." C.O. (Student, California)

  •  "Hi Carmen, sorry I didn't get to you sooner, but I just can't thank you enough. Sophie (knee injury) was off her crutches on Tuesday and is back playing football tomorrow  in the London games. xxx"  C (London)

  •  "You defo got rid of my problems. I defo believe I passed the [kidney] stone. Thank you. Will defo be coming to see you again." S.O. (London)

  • 'Hi Carmen, I feel so much better already, as soon as I got home yesterday I went to the toilet and my bloating [and constipation] has stopped too. Thanks so much for your help.'       S.M (Student, London)
  • ‘I hope S has been in touch with you. I just wanted to say that she felt so much better as soon as she stepped through the door after seeing you on Tuesday. She's been going to the loo, and has also managed to complete an essay which before she was saying she just couldn't do. So once again you have worked a miracle.’ (Mother)

  • “Although used to working on myself, I had reached a sticking point unable to even identify what was causing my depression, feelings of gloom and despondence and total apathy. I was plagued by irritating pains and feeling 'off colour' and lacking in self worth.  Carmen was able to gently but persistently sort through emotions, aches and pains to produce some startling and amazing healing. Carmen's work helped me downsize unrealistic expectations of myself and those around me clearing my mind for more manageable goals and dreams. She helped me identify what MY beliefs and desire are rather than those influenced by family and society, which means I am free to focus on my immediate needs - physically and mentally. 

    I'm feeling great! Lighter, less weighed under, with a spring in my step. Woo hoo! Things that had me flying off the handle don't any more. I have more patience and find it easier to laugh with genuine feelings of joy. Best of all that underlying nagging sense of unease/dread and sense of depression is dramatically reduced. Pain has gone.  I plan to see Carmen regularly and would recommend her to anyone.”   C.V. (Practitioner, London)

  • When I left you my friend said he noticed that I wasn’t dragging my feet anymore, that I was actually walking in time with him. And then the next day another friend said to me, “Oh, my God, your walking is so different!”     M.H. (Actress, Richmond)

  • "When I arrived for the healing session I was suffering with a Sinus infection and feeling most unwell. I had pain and discomfort in my face, ears and throat.  I rated the pain nine out of ten. During the healing session the pain gradually subsided and by the end of the session I was free of pain and the congestion from the sinusitis had begun to clear. By the time I returned home, my symptoms were that of a head cold.  It took approx two days for the symptoms to go completely which was amazing given that I have suffered from numerous Sinus infections which have always required treatment with antibiotics and have taken at least a two weeks for the symptoms to clear completely. It is now four days since I had my healing session and I feel really well and I am free of all the symptoms of the infection. Thanks once again, Carmen"  B. E. (TV Producer, London)





  • "

    Thanks honey, I have felt energised, yet so much calmer since Monday (much to the relief of my work team!) and the fluid balance has been much better than it's been in quite a while."  C.E. (Designer, London)




  • I hurt my shoulder in a skiing accident the Christmas before and had been unable to go swimming. this was very upsetting as this was an activity I enjoyed and did regularly. My girlfriend suggested that I see Carmen as she had helped her with an emotional problem recently. I wasn't convinced, but booked an appointment anyway. a couple of days before my appointment I managed to pull my lower back muscle by doing an awkward lift. I was in agony and could barely walk. Carmen agreed to see me ahead of my appointment. She told me that there was an emotional element to the pain in my back. I was mystified as to what this meant, but over an hour later after Carmen unearthed this unconscious issue in my back, I walked out of the door completely pain-free! On the Saturday I returned (still without back pain) for my original appointment to heal my shoulder. The session was similar to the one for my back. Though I was convinced that the pain was related to nothing more than having had a nasty fall, Carmen insisted that over so many months my shoulder would have healed naturally itself - were it not for a blockage in my energy system. though I still can't claim to totally understand what this all means, sure enough, Carmen located an incident prior to the skiing accident that had 'lodged' in my shoulder. the skiing injury had merely compounded the 'issue' in that part of my body. when this was released, the pain evaporated like magic. Again, I left the session completely fee of pain, and several months later, that still remains the case. What's more, soon after the healing I resumed my swimming and go regularly, up to 3 times a week."  DK (Sales/Marketing, London).     
  •  [DK's girlfriend wrote this ahead of his own testimonal]  "D has not yet been swimming but has not complained once of any pain in his back or joints, which is a first because he used to moooaaan every day!!! I read your website in detail, so inspiring and true. You really do help to make people the best they can be."


    "Carmen is a fantastic healer .What really sealed it for me was when I came to see Carmen in an emergency. My wrists had completely seized up, with swelling on the back of both hands. The pain I experienced was excruciatingly intense, right wrist was worse than my left - 10 on the pain meter - took me 15mins to put on coat, pain that intense. 

    I arrived at Carmen's stressed, exhausted and in pain. Carmen was very sensitive and gentle with my plight. She got to work helping me release the pain. I am quite a stubborn patient but Carmen was able to gently guide me in opening the pressure cooker of emotions that was causing my severe discomfort. During the session the pain went from 10 to say a 5. The pain had easde and the swelling had completely gone. I was happy as I was now able to get on with the rest of the day. I was hoping it would have completely gone within the session, but when you experience pain that crippling one knows that it's a deep set blocked energy which will take time to move through the body. Within two days the pain in my wrist had completely gone. I was amazed! 


    I had experienced the wrist stiffening and intense pain before when I was under intense emotional stress three years ago. At the time I initially sought medical help from the doctors. I was put on very strong pain killers and anti-inflams. My diagnosis was Rheumatoid Arthritis, the main treatment would have been steroid injection. I knew the cause of my problem was deep emotional stress and did not want to spend the rest of my life on medication. At the time I found a reknowned healer to help me release. Then it took the healer a total of 5 half-hour sessions on 5 consecutive days to help me with the pain. It took Carmen one session. Carmen, I can't thank you enough."  G.H. (Actress, London)

  • "Last Monday evening I had a fall, tripping on a tree root whilst running along the pavement in the dark. I then spent most of the night waiting in A & E to have a cut on my face stitched. 36 hours later I had marked pain in my neck, hip and knee – I felt dreadful, very fragile and very worried about the prospect of having to drive the family up North for the weekend.  I knew there was nothing conventional medicine could do for me but I thought Carmen might be able to help if she was able to see me.  I am very very grateful that Carmen made time in her day – the healing focused on what might have led me to fall as well as some unhelpful; but long held beliefs about myself. How Carmen managed to help me get right to the root of the issue so quickly I have no idea but she clearly did. When I left her house the pain from my accident had diminished and my knee and neck no longer hurt at all. I also felt confident to take the family away the following day.  Now, 10 days later, I still have bruising on my face and a cut on my knee but the pain never returned. I was able to drive for 6 hours the following day and do a three hour walk up dale and down the day after, feeling good throughout. I really believe it was Carmen’s intervention that allowed me to do this by freeing me of unhelpful ‘baggage’ that was holding me back. I would recommend Carmen’s healing to anyone.  She is very professional and has an incredible insight that she is able to utilize in helping an individual feel empowered and more in touch with themselves.  Thank you Carmen."      J.W. (Occupational Therapist London)

 "I have suffered for the past 20 years from acute pain in my back, shoulders, neck, hips, and latterly it had spread to my ribs and groin. Nothing had worked over the years and I had spent a fortune on bone scans, MRI's, physiotherapy, osteopaths, chiropractitioners, acupuncture and any other treatment that my insurance would reimburse. I had been forced to abandon the gym and tennis out of fear of making things worse. Life was a misery. When I contacted Carmen, as a well known super sceptic, I did not have high hopes of being helped but I was desperate and had nothing to lose. The first surprise was the distance healing session. The relief from pain was immediate. I phoned Carmen and set up a one-on-one session to try to remove the last remnants of pain and to get an explanation for what had happened. I cannot pretend to understand the whole process but I am convinced that what she does actually works. Now my life has changed completely! It is as if I have been given a new body. I even ran for the bus yesterday and I have cancelled my appointment with the consultant orthopaedic surgeon.* I continue to feel the benefits of your healing and am deeply grateful. Thank you, Carmen!"    V.H. (Magistrate, London)

           [*Please note that this was the client's independent decision. I am not medically qualified, and at no
           stage will I interfere with or contradict the advice of your medical practitioner.]
  • "Dearest Carmen, one day you will be feted by what you have achieved, maybe at the moment a little bit of an unsung hero, there can be few if none who have been in contact with you that have not benefited from you…. I met Carmen by chance, my life was at the lowest ebb, I was unaware of her skills. She immediately diagnosed my past heart problems. She has also identified and discovered deep seated emotional problems in my childhood that has caused my prostate cancer. In fact, she treated me for this condition whereby my blood cell cancer count has been reduced by over 25%. Moreover my emotional welfare and well-being has been restored in a way that my deeply buried fears have been removed. My new life is a revelation to me. I am now happy as stress is no longer resident in my life. My treatment continues and I can only look forward with optimism and with a happier heart. Thank you Carmen."     R.T. (Company Director, Somerset) 

  • "Thank you for all your help with my health [chest infection]. I was so desperate, beginning to think I would never get better. After the healing on Tuesday, I felt transformed. My energy levels were so much better immediately. No more afternoon naps! Thank you also for the insights and information, which I am definitely going to pursue. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"   R.G. (retired teacher, Suffolk)

  • "Today I had the pleasure of undergoing healing with Carmen. It wasn’t the reason I’d called round but when she heard that my knee had been hurting she offered healing and I accepted, there and then at the dining table. It wasn’t a private or personal space, but for some reason that didn’t matter. I felt comfortable with the spontaneity and informality of the event. So I was really surprised how enveloping and consuming I found the healing process. I felt Carmen released feelings and energies in me that I had not paid attention to for a long time. I felt the gap between my mind and my body close and a sense of profound relaxation take hold. At one point she asked me how I felt and I answered that I wanted this blissful and benevolent state to last forever. I should say I’m not a particularly spiritual person and don’t have any religious beliefs. But I do believe the way we live in this society detaches us from each other and ourselves and through Carmen I felt a renewed sense of attachment. At the time my knee - which was ostensibly the focus of the healing process – felt better and I felt more confident to walk on it without discomfort. But as I told Carmen afterwards, for me the healing was a holistic experience and irrespective of whether my knee improved, I felt improved as a person. I write this testimonial out of gratitude and the sense that Carmen’s healing is a deeply rewardingrevitalizing and life-affirming experience."    B.D. (University Lecturer, London)

  • "My leg is so much better.  I have physio on Friday so I'll see what she says but I can walk now. I can feel that I need to build up muscle but compared to how it was... Wow!  [A WEEK LATER...]  My symptoms were acute hip pain due to a problematic childbirth and possibly caused by having my legs in stirrups.  I couldn't walk without a stick and couldn't straighten my back.  During the session, I felt the pain move down my leg from my hip as if it was being heavily pushed on.  Throughout the session I had various other sensations and emotions following my trauma throughout my body.  During the healing I felt like my body was spinning above the bed and I developed pins and needles in my ears which is a sensation I have never felt before.  A few hours after the session I had flashbacks of my trauma and a strong emotional outpour which was a helpful release. The emotions eased off after a few days and my leg is no longer hurting, it is just weak from not being used properly.  I am building it up with walking.  I had a 30 minute walk yesterday with no pain at all."     Anna Leigh-Curtin (TV Producer, Surrey)

  • "Over Christmas, I flew to Australia for the holiday of a lifetime. As soon as I landed, I felt terribly ill and took to bed with a very high fever. My temperature rose to 39C and wouldn't go down. I've never been so ill and so miserable in all my life. On the third day, sad, depressed, and desperate, I texted Carmen in London and asked whether she could send me some distance healing because my temperature was still very high and I couldn't leave the hotel room at all. We agreed a particular time when I would be alone for 30 minutes, and she instructed me to simply relax and 'receive' the energy she would be sending me. Immediately after the healing, I felt a strong 'heat' all over my body yet I was feeling very relaxed. I started feeling better by the hour. The following day, my temperature was normal, my flu was completely gone, and I was able to get up and start sightseeing. Thanks to Carmen, my holiday finally started. It was amazing!"     S.M (Dentist, London)

  • "About a week after I had the session with you, and I had got over the worst of my flu, I noticed that I had a [back] pain-free day, and then another and another - it really did astound me. Since then I've regularly had twinges and pain on and off but only ever for short periods of time. Previously, the pain would last for hours and over several days."    I.D. (University Lecturer, Germany)

  • "The burning pain in the balls of my feet were getting worse and I didn't know where or who to turn to. I thought I'd simply have to put up with the agony and that it would only get worse over time. I had no idea that the solution could be so quick and effortless!"      J.H. (Housing Officer, London)   

  • "I was reading on the bus for twenty minutes. Then all of a sudden I went. Wait. What the... OH, MY GOD I AM READING ON A BUS!!! I had barely even thought! So that tapping session - bye bye car sickness!!! How great is that! I mean, that is miraculous. Thank you Carmen."      A.B. (Screenwriter/Producer, London)  

  • "I had been experiencing dizzy spells for several weeks. Although when they happened, the episodes lasted only for a few seconds, I was becoming increasingly disorientated, expending a lot of mental energy just to stay upright. I was suffering in silence, hoping that the issue would pass. One session with Carmen and two weeks later, it suddenly occurred to me that I had not experienced any more dizzy spells! Thank you Carmen, for sharing your energy and healing to help a problem that was causing me serious concern."    D.D. (Computer Systems Engineer, London) 

  • "Carmen has helped me and the journey toward my healing continues since she, a deeply intuitive listener and guide, took my wellness into her healing hands. I arrived in the UK in severe pain and entered a peaceful world where a new technique (EFT), was to address my complex health issues. I was not only given therapy, but also taught the basics of how to do self EFT and through learning,  given a set of ‘healing tools’ to leave with.  Then there were the written words of encouragement sent by mail after the therapy to continue channelling the energy and empower myself. My painful, arthritic elbows were both at a 90 degree angle and unable to bend; anxiety; headaches; jaw pain from a tooth extraction lasting several months; sleeplessness; massive feelings of loss and the weight of past life guilt and regrets were locked in my body.  

Over the space of one week full of scheduled daily sessions and personally designed requirements, like nutrition, exercise and holistic therapy, I saw things changing. The best thing was that the therapy was painless and there was no medication required! The gnawing pain in my elbows faded away and they straightened up gradually so I could once again comb my hair; I liked myself more, accepting myself more; became lighter; wanted to offer forgiveness to all those I realized I needed to forgive and the way forward became clearer. Carmen did a lot of tapping for me during the many sessions and I felt happier, relaxed and at the same time totally energized. In fact, so much so that when the therapy ended, I went and exercised like I had not done for about twenty years! 

I have suffered for more than twenty years with a series of chronic illnesses from chronic and crippling rheumatoid arthritis to cancer and MS. At last there is relief, comfort and hope from EFT for a cure. I am going to continue using the EFT methods shown to me as it is teaching me among other things, the power of being free from obstacles and looking forward. I have found an excellent EFT therapist who wants to connect with and heal the client whatever it takes.  I hope that I can find a therapist back here in the USA on this level. Thank you Carmen, for the love and compassion."  V.M. Samuels (Teacher, Writer, USA) 


  • "I was amazed at how quickly the pain went after only one short session. And again, when I returned on another occasion when I badly injured my right shoulder. I walked out the door pain-free!"    P.G. (Photographer, Enfield) 

  • "I have been waiting for the ideal moment to write to you to thank you for working your skills/talent/gift/insight on me! As my eyes watered lying down on your couch, I could already feel the relief of being cared for. My swollen arm has never gone blue as I would have expected from such an injury and the swelling rapidly went down over the next few days… I am nearly back to normal now, certainly able to work again which is a huge relief as you know. What is really strange is that an odd shoulder I have had for years where the arm feels slightly out of socket, also feels better. And mentally I was calmer and stronger too to deal with life’s “rich tapestry”. I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you."     R.S. (Jeweller, London) 

  • “After being diagnosed with arthritis in my big toe I was desperate to find an effective treatment that didn't involve surgery. The pain had become progressively worse and walking had become increasingly difficult. After just one session I would say the pain had immediately decreased from a 5 to a 2 (out of 10). A week later I am able to wear shoes that were agony before. I have been sleeping like a baby ever since and I have to say that the EFT was one of the most profoundly moving experiences I have ever had. Thank you. It is such a comfort to know that there is someone else to turn to other than my GP. I will not hesitate to recommend you to all I know.”    S.M. (Nursery Teacher, London) 

  • "My back has cleared totally (you clever girl) and my foot only very occasionally can be felt, but much, much better than it was. Thanks so much."                               F.S. (Bowen Practitioner, Barnet) 

  • "I'd lived with a tennis elbow problem for several months and as well as seeing my GP, tried several different treatments. Yet, during one relatively short session the problem went and has never returned. I also suffered from chronic wheeziness in my chest, on bad nights, waking up several times, unable to sleep. After three sessions, I can't tell the last time that has happened to me."

  • "Carmen has taught me that healing is an ongoing process, a state of mind and being. It is demands personal changes - you cannot rely on a quick fix. Over the last few years I have entered a healing crisis brought about by age and unresolved issues. I had not ever listened or given myself space to heal. Every step of the way Carmen has supported in my developing awareness. Whenever I have had a healing session with her the following few days are marked by surprising and revelatory changes. I feel the heat now, my body's awakening. My eternal thanks."     R.T. (Teacher, London)  

  • "Since I had the treatment I have had less headaches. I returned to work feeling less stressed.  I just do my work and go home, whereas before everyone irritated me, but now I feel much calmer. I had some jelly-like thing in my eyes for a long time, and it seems to have got less. [Another session] ...I had a few coughs today but I felt so much better. Yesterday my partner said I must have a chest infection the way I sounded and he kept insisting that I go to the doctor in case he caught it. I spent £7 on medication because it was so upsetting. Would you believe everyone at work said to me that the medication (Corvonia) must have really worked because they noticed that I was much better. What they did not know was that I forgot to bring in the Corvonia today and I have not had any form of medication yet I am so much better. Each time I get a healing I always seem to be so surprised that it works, and yet I know that it is going to work."      
  • [second testimonial] "This week my little grandaughter of 1 month had not done a poo for 2 days [constipation] and was in obvious pain. We felt there was nothing we could do to comfort her. My daughter decided to take her to Carmen for healing. After about 2 hours my over excited daughter rang me to say that my grandaughter had done an enormous poo and was getting back to herself. Later on in the day she relieved herself again. Once again an enormous thank you to Carmen for another job well done."           T.H. (Local Government Office Worker, London) 

  • "It began with a bad cold that went to my chest. By the time I saw Carmen I had been coughing for about 5 weeks. It was a dry cough and I couldn't bring anything up, and it was beginning to worry me. I even took some non-prescription antibiotics but it didn't work. During the healing, I felt strange sensations in my chest. I hadn't felt anything like it before. I felt very relaxed and felt my chest starting to get better. Immediately after the healing, I felt as though my chest was clear and I could breathe again without constantly coughing. I noticed that when I did cough, it was to bring up stuff from my chest. That night I was able to sleep without coughing, and the next day I felt so much better. My cough had more or less gone. This is something I have never done before, but I really want to thank you for what you have done."       D.L. (Builder, Essex)


  • R, an attractive young woman, into looking good, was anxious about a visible rash that appeared on the side of her face. It had been there for 3 years and nothing would get rid of it. After her first session, she felt much more relaxed with her issues but the rash was still there. R thought she would just have to live with it. But several months later she had another session and she said that she could 'feel' the rash 'move' to a different position on her face. I told her that this was a good sign of energy doing its work. A few days later the rash was completely gone!

  • Angela had a fear of flying and hadn’t boarded a plane for the past 10 years. She couldn’t imagine that she’d ever fly again. Just thinking about flying made her stressed and fearful. During our session in Italy we uncovered two incidents of ‘abandonment’ in Angela’s early childhood that seem to have unconsciously fed into this phobia. After resolving these issues through energy techniques, I took Angela through a lengthy visualisation that began with her packing her bags for a trip abroad and culminated in Angela imagining herself sitting on a plane going through severe turbulence. At times, she was as terrified as if she were strapped on board a real plane! But we persevered till the terror subsided and healing took place. Several months later, Angela became an air traveller again when she flew into Stansted Airport to combine visiting me and having an enjoyable holiday in London.  The following summer, without hesitation, she booked a flight to Eastern Europe, though, unfortunately, she couldn't go due to circumstances outside her control.

  • At 11 years old Josh played professional junior league tennis. His mother brought him along when his confidence and self-belief dipped dramatically after he lost an important match. After a session Josh was able to view the incident from a healthier perspective, forgive his harsh self-judgement, and realise that he still loved the game. He won his very next match and as a young teenager he is travelling the world playing high profile tournaments. 

  • Liban remembers, age 5, being ‘really, really scared’ of a pitbull in the park. Soon after he developed an immense fear of dogs. Now a teenager age 14, walking the streets had become a real and frightening hazard. Whenever he saw a dog his heart would beat fast and he would immediately cross the road. Yet, the very next day after our 20 minute session he encountered an unleashed dog and, instead of crossing the road, he walked straight past without any fear. He says that he used to worry about dogs all the time, now he doesn’t even think about them.  

  • Teresa was traumatised and visibly shaken after an incident when she was alone at home. Bailiffs threatened to break down the front door and seize her property unless she immediately stumped up unpaid parking fines and exorbitant bailiff charges that brought the total amount owing to a staggering figure. After a session the incident had 'mysteriously' lost its emotional charge and she felt calm and peaceful enough to recount the incident without distress. 

  • Agostino, who works in the Italian pharmaceutical industry, was a chain-smoker for the past 40 years with a 40-a-day habit. One day he collapsed with a suspected heart attack. His doctor advised him to stop smoking immediately or it could be fatal. The cause of his collapse, it turned out, was due to the poor state of his lungs. When he came to see me he had gone a few days without cigarettes. It was an excruciating experience. He was visibly distressed, jumpy and in need of a cigarette! He told me that his entire daily routine – from waking up, to eating, to relaxing, to sitting on the toilet – had been marked by having a cigarette. He had three sessions with me, and after each was visibly more relaxed and accepting of his situation. Before he left for Italy (armed with exercises to help with any residual craving) he told me that he was OK about not smoking. A year later, having not smoked a single cigarette during this time, he now considers himself to be a non-smoker. 

  • Ben, a young actor, was nervous about an upcoming audition for a part in a well-known TV sitcom, and feared that his anxiety would get in the way of giving his best performance. When I saw Ben his whole body shook with nerves. However, nervousness was a general feature of Ben’s life, relating to long-standing, unresolved, family issues. When we worked on those issues, using energy psychology techniques, Ben found that his nervousness soon fell from an 8 (out of 10) to a barely detectable anxiety. His body language was also noticeably different. He was calmer, more ‘comfortable in his skin,’ and more centred. The mental ‘programme’ he left with was to have fun, no matter what, during the audition. Though Ben didn’t get the part, he said that it was the first time he’d felt so relaxed during an audition. 

* * * * * * * *  


  • 6 year old Isobel came to me for a teeth grinding problem. This had been going on for 2 years. According to Mum, whenever Isobel slept in her bed (usually as a weekend treat), she would be up at least ten times during the night, awakened by Isobel grinding her teeth, sometimes accompanied by nightmares. During the session, Isobel chose a pink fairy with pink fairy wings to identify her subconscious issue. When Isobel herself couldn’t remember her nightmares, her pink fairy helped her to remember. Though Isobel was relaxed throughout, the session didn’t seem at all eventful, and I wondered whether she would need a follow-up. The next morning her mother texted early in the morning then phoned later on to tell me that Isobel had slept in her bed and not ONCE had she grinded her teeth. The following day, Sunday, Mum phoned again. She couldn’t believe it. Isobel, again, had a peaceful non-teeth-grinding night. Mum came back again because the teeth grinding was only 50% successful. We had another session that tackled another aspect of the same session. 

Weeks later, mum wrote:  'Carmen, I forgot to mention, Izzy slept in my bed the other day. And she wasn't grinding her teeth. She most probably hasn't been grinding for ages and I have been accepting the silence as the norm. Amen! Thank you.'

 * * * * * * * * * * 


  • Megan, an actress, was recommended to me by a friend, but she doubted that I could help her. As she saw it, she was simply having trouble connecting with a character she was about to play. Though she was becoming increasingly stressed about the situation, she couldn't see how an energy healer could help her overcome her acting block. However, every problem we face in the world is connected to our emotions and our emotional history. So, it came as no surprise to me that when I muscle-tested Megan on 'I want to find the truth in this character,' the result was a firm negative. This meant that although Megan was working very hard to 'find' her character, there was a hidden belief, or subconscious script, that was contradicting this outward desire. We worked on what hidden concerns might be causing Megan's blocks and uncovered several unresolved childhood issues. During the session, Megans tummy growled and grumbled loudly and persistently - a good sign of trapped energy releasing, moving through, and out of the body. Afterwards, Megan felt both exhausted and an overwhelming sense of peace. She also felt a renewed determination to do some more work on the character that night. The following day at rehearsals she said that when playing her character, compared to her frustrated experience the days before, there was 'a world of difference... like night and day.' She was very happy with her progress, felt that she'd finally overcome her block, and was ecstatic that the director noticed and congratulated her on her efforts. After a second session she sent this text: 

"Wow!!!  I am amazed at just how brilliant you are. And EFT!! Two shows today and I was grt! AND... I really enjoyed myself!!! AND I opened up and enjoyed playing with the audience! A totally incredible transformation! I am completely AMAZED!! It really, really works! I just want to tap on everything now!!! Thank u. I am so grateful. M."

* * * * * * *  


  • Leonie, an actress, visited me on the recommendation of a friend to heal a childhood trauma. She had no idea what to expect of the session. I asked her what she mainly wanted to achieve and she said to feel more grounded in her body and to experience more joy in her life. It was a very powerful hour or so. During the session, her body temperature dropped significantly. Even though she was already lying beneath a blanket, she needed an extra duvet in order to stop shivering. At the same time, she experienced surges of (kundalini) energy that caused her body to continuously and dramatically convulse. She then broke out into loud, uncontrollable hysterics. She genuinely couldn’t stop and in-between bouts of joyful laughter kept apologising. At the end of the session she was drained, but said that it was the most incredible experience of her life. Since then she has told me that she can sense a healing transformation taking place, and she wrote this beautifully poetic description of her experience.  

  • “I am deeply grateful to you and the journey that we have taken together. Here are some of my thoughts from our wonderful healing time. I felt volts of energy surging through me, something leaving/clearing and connecting and opening at the same time. A million angels caressing and soothing my head. Earthquakes of vibrancy and ownership. An injection of joy from the depths of my being, culminating in uncontrollable laughter,just because. A oneness with me. These are my very personal thoughts that were very real for me and I'm aware that on paper they sound very esoteric and other worldly so I've been a little hesitant to write them down.” 
* * * * * * * * 
  • Dear Carmen, THANK YOU for the most incredible healing!! I flew today through turbulence, rain and snow!! No problem and no sedative!! Your tune-up had a tremendous effect on my body!! Thank you again!" O.S. (Ent Manager, LA)

  • Hi Carmen, thank you for the session yesterday and for making me feel welcomed. I definitely feel different although I am not sure what it is... I am still so taken aback by the whole experience that I am not even trying to work it out in my head. Yes, I do it all the time in life but this is way beyond me! No double you are very gifted.    E.S. (London)

  • I feel more energetic, more powerful, more hopeful. I don't want people to feel sorry for me like I used to. I don't feel like a victim any more. I always look at the positive side of it. To be honest, everything has just changed. I feel so happy and face the pain when it comes. I just feel so good. I just wanted to share this with you.  S.W. (Student, London)

  • Hi Carmen . Hope you are well. I've been trying to see whether there are any changes but I haven't been able to much. BUT I feel or maybe just somehow know something has changed - but not something visible for now - from before. Sorry, that probably doesn't  make sense but I just feel I need to thank you. And I would really like to see you again. I can't specifically explain why but it's just my gut feeling that it's something that I should and need to do. As soon as I'm able I'll be in touch. S.A. (London)

  • I came to see Carmen for an energetic top-up after an intense year. I was also curious as to whether a session might help shift some blockages (around money and work, and relationships too).  I found the session relaxing - Carmen has a soothing touch -  and I experienced a tangible sensation of energy shooting down my body when she laid her hands on my head. After the treatment she'd said 'pay attention to what happens in the next few days.'  I took those words with a pinch of salt, if I'm honest. But, but, but... indeed, just a couple of days after the session, I was offered some regular work, and a few days after that, I was shortlisted for another role. The timing was uncanny!  What's more, out of the blue I made a electric connection with someone in the most unexpected of ways. All this in the week following my session! What a result.  I believe Carmen is a gifted healer. She has also shared some invaluable insights as to how to practice the art of shifting energy in my everyday life. I've since recommended her to a couple of my friends and I'm now eagerly looking forward to 2017!                    S.R. (London)

  • It was like an awakening!     S.S. (Social Worker, London)

  • S, a first-year student, had longstanding blocks to do with money and abundance. That week he'd missed a day at college because he couldn't afford to top-up his Oyster. A friend paid for his session. The next day I received 2 text messages from him several hours apart: "

    Hello Carmen,  just when I left your house I switched on my phone,  someone asked me to to call him for a job.  I started working today.  I feel good!"  ...  "

    And I've won £25 from yesterday's Lotto!"

    S.W. Student (London)

  • I went to have a session with Carmen without knowing what I was about to experience, I wasn’t sure whether I'd get a massage or whether we'd be chatting for hour or so. So I went there with my open heart and no expectations. Soon I realized I needed to be honest with myself and bring out what was holding me from my full potential. I felt I had some blockages but had no idea where from. So this session with Carmen was all about identifying and finding out what caused those blockages and getting rid of them. I didn’t have to do much to be honest, she was doing all work, I just had to lie down, relax and observe what I was feeling. I did go through different sensations in my body, such as hot, cold flashes,tingling, pain in my knee and arm ( just for a few seconds), moving stomach - I did literally feel the cleansing happening in my body and saw energies moving. After the session Carmen asked me some questions and brought up information that came to her while she was doing what she was doing. It was very valuable information to me, I understood well where my blockages were coming from. I will know next time how to recognize and do something about them. Carmen is so natural in her work, and very gifted. You can tell her work means a lot to her, and she enjoys helping to guide others. I feel very grateful for this experience.          M.V. (Photographer, London)"

  • "Dearest Carmen, I think I might have performed the best I ever have last night. Amazing night, fully present, the music flowed right through me. THANK YOU."   M.B. (Performer, London)
  • "I just want to thank you truly from my heart.  I do feel  a little extraordinary right now. A little light-headed but so very calm and kind and at peace."                D.B. (Designer, London)

  • "Dear Carmen, I asked you to see me because my fears of failing [my exams] again were as high and as dense as rocks surrounding me in all directions. A few days after our meeting, for the first time in years, I could look back and feel that I have never actually really failed, and things seem to make sense.    [Yes, after the session, she finally passed her exam!!]               P.S. (Civil Servant, London)
  • Thank you so much for the healing session yesterday. I came home and slept till today and woke up feeling that I had lost something, but have this feeling of inner peace and started on all the work I have failed to do. Getting rid of the rubbish and making lists of things to do daily. I'm also using the tapping when thoughts come back in. Thank you for showing me the way to retune my body and soul"     C.S. (Social Worker, London)

  • "Hello Carmen. Today is the anniversary of my mother's death [50 years ago]. It is the very first time since I have not found myself in tears. Thanks once again for your healing sessions."      H.C. (London)

  • "My dearest Carmen, thank you ever so much for yesterday's healing. It might have been the most powerful and significant one you extended to me with your usual unassuming kindness and generosity! Something shifted swiftly in my energy field, more so and more rapidly than I experienced in the past or my five earlier visits to you, all of which were amazing, by the way! Thank you SOOOO much, dearest Carmen."   B.W. (Lawyer, London)

  • "I went to my bed and laid down feeling instant comfort. Instant peace. I closed my eyes and felt the weight of my body on the bed. I felt sensations that were noticeable and can only be described as verging  on sensual. I gave into the feelings and felt content. I woke after half an hour of deep sleep and remained there, in the bed that I had been unable to feels so relaxed in for days. When I got up, I did not feel hungry in spite of not having eaten for some nine hours. I wanted to write down this experience as it was real for me. I feel and sound calm and ready for the next chapter in my frenetic life. I spoke to my close friend and she noticed it."    V.H. (Teacher, Washington)

  • "Thank you so much for my treatment today. Something happened today which I can't really put my finger on. I felt strange and light-headed when you had finished and I've spent this afternoon feeling much more positive and upbeat than of late."    L. C. (PA, Scotland)

  • Morning, my magical friend. Thank you for yesterday it was quite inspirational. The image that came of me running made so much sense. Running away from so much pain and abandonment with nowhere and no-one to run to. The awful anxiety in my chest has gone and my jaw is more relaxed. It feels as though I have found where home is and I'm there, no need to run at all. I am it. It feels as if I have been processing all night and am more energised this morning. Still a work in progress, but am open, on the right path. Much love and gratitude as always.."   S.T. (Therapist, London)
  • "It was lovely meeting you yesterday. More than lovely! Truly wonderful. Thank you for the session [weight issues]. I continue to feel the release, thank you so much. Last night I dreamt I was flying and it has been a while since I flew in my dreams."     Y.M. (Photographer, London)

  • Dear Carmen, thank you so much for an incredible treatment.[confidence]. I did not know what to expect beforehand but I felt much more relaxed and confident after my treatment. My body felt very different with real shifts along the left hand side of my body - it still feels noticeably heavier than the right. My voice also feels deeper and deeply rooted and grounded. Thank you so much!"

J.M. (Dancer, London)

  • "Thank you for your support [bereavement]. The healing has truly helped us on the road to acceptance."      K. B. (Lawyer, London)
  • "It is such a great privilege to write of my Love for Carmen Harris and to acknowledge her for the difference she has made in my life. I went to see Carmen Harris whilst in the eye of a storm in my life. I felt sad, angry, fragmented and absolutely lost. I found it hard to conjure up enough power to do anything, let alone find my way and transform my life. I am clear now that I was guided, or you could say, ‘sent’ to Carmen. It still amazes me how we met and how natural it all was, like an old family friend, when we met for the first time – because that is the nature of Carmen, she receives you with pure Love. 

    In no time Carmen saw right through me, to exactly what I needed and invited me to do a session with her. Now let me be clear, I hadn’t been someone seeking healing work, when I first met Carmen I had no idea she was a healer, and must say – I think it’s okay to reveal it now, I was very skeptical when she first introduced the idea of my doing a healing session – because that was just where I was at the time. So of course I had not imagined that my meeting with Carmen would be to start the journey of my transformation. 

    Can you believe that it took just one session with Carmen. She peeled away in that one instance all the crusty layers of experience that had had me blocked to the point of deep stagnation. From that moment onward my life has been unfolding in the most magical and magnificent of ways. I am clear and without a shadow of a doubt that Carmen is being used as a channel for the greatest good in this world. She has touched my spirit and my life in the profoundest way. Her work is so deep that it unfolds over time – not a one shot slam bam and thank you mam kind of thing. Hers is an immeasurable commitment to greatest potential in all beings; to generosity and to love – simply, she heals. From the depths of my heart I thank you Carmen and I pray for your continued ability to touch many more lives as your have touched mine. Love, Peace, Abundance and many Blessings.                               M.B. (Producer/Director, New York)

  • "Hi Carmen [following the session] I had a big release yesterday (job related) followed by calm today. Powerful stuff!"    L.S. (Finances, London)



  • "Hello Carmen. I just wanted to tell you that the job went really well and that I now have another picture - of people congratulating me on good work ! Thank you.  C.B. (Actress, London)




  • "Feeling like a new woman after your treatment. So grateful for your magic. Thank you!"   R.M. (Therapist, London)




  • "A few months back we had a healing session and I wanted to write you to say thank you for the healing and the beautiful words of wisdom you shared with me after the session had ended. Since our session my journey to ground and root myself in this existence has continued, if you recall I told you my soul feels like it doesn't want to be here but now I feel honoured to be here and I have a knowing that I did in-fact choose this existence. Once again, thank you, you are a beautiful soul and your divinity and humanity are united and shine upon this earth for all beings to see. The words I write are from my heart. Sending you love and light."   P.G. (Construction, London)



  • "Thank you for seeing me recently. Have been meaning to get back to you to give feedback. I strangely did not feel exhausted afterwards but energized...tried to sleep but couldn't. Felt so much lighter. As the week went on I felt better and better. Had my last weep 2 days later but none since. I miss and cherish my friend but in a calmer more accepting way. Feel stronger too. Thankyou sooooo much. It's such a relief to be out of that pit. Tons of love, you are very special. Have been recommending you xxxxsim"   S.M. (Self-employed, London)




  • "Thank you for seeing last week, when I went home I felt exhausted, and slept for ages. Now I feel more positive and things are falling into place.  I will be taking time out in future to spend time on enhancing myself more spiritually, maybe meditation which I find difficult to do."   S.M. (Stylist, UK/Jamaica)




  • “Carmen you are truly special, your humility, integrity and the love you share is so so so refreshing. In my many years of personal development I have not experienced the quantum shift so immediately as I have experienced with you. Yes, we are all healers, but not all have access to their gift and can share that gift as unconditionally as Carmen does. Carmen is truly a rarity in a world cluttered with psuedo healers. Carmen is the real deal!!!!!”  M.B .(Producer, London)



  • "I went to see Carmen at my lowest ebb and what I experienced in my session and ever since is incredible! She is truly a miracle worker I have already recommended her to my friends."  L.S (Marketing, Brighton)
  •  "I just wanted to say a huge 'Thank You' for the brilliant treatment I had with you last week. I felt incredible afterwards, and my work has really benefited.I thought it was incredible when I felt a huge pull in the area of my heart and when I opened my eyes, there you were, pulling that very area. That was worthy of any evidence-based science for me! I was so surprised, I nearly fell off the table."        M.B. (Performer, London)

  •  "I must admit, I haven't gone deep into the philosophy of your healing practice, although broadly I'm a believer! but what I have noticed is how much more control our session has given me over knots of negative energy that I had got used to accommodating in too much of my day-to-day routine. I had thought I needed 'past life' therapy, but what I have discovered instead is a way to recall, confront and dismantle structures that hurt has erected in my own immediate past, that I had subconsciously resigned myself to being forever 'insurmountable.'"                 P.D. (Marketing, London)
  • "I have been feeling really good! Ever since I came to see you I have been trying to think about the things that would pop up in my head all the time and I can't even think what they were. Time will tell, though I certainly feel a lot better!"       N.E. (Accounts, Manager, London)

  • Thank you so much for the wisdom and support you shared with my Mum before she left us a few days ago. I really feel that your visit the week before gave her a lot of peace. In fact, the next day she was so different, so calm, accepting and the following day she began the final decline that led to her passing. It's a strange thing to be thanking you for, but I really believe that you helped her to let go, at a point when she really had no other choice. For this I am eternally grateful to you, Carmen. The gift you gave her is unquantifiable."   
        T. R. (Editor, London)

  • "How are you, lovely Carmen? I feel great, more energy and smiling more often because of you!!! Can't thank you enough for it."    R.Y. (Hotel Manager, Herts)

  • "Hello Carmen, just wanted to say thanks for yesterday. I feel different today, more relaxed and I slept very well last night. I also haven't had any nightmares for a week now, that's very good. Thanks again and see you."     
        J.R. (Restauranteur, London)

  • I've just finished my sixth session with Carmen and continue to have the most incredible breakthroughs. From my first session in 2011, I saw dramatic changes in my personal and professional life, and there is nothing coincidental about these changes and the process that I went through with Carmen during our sessions. Two and half years on, I felt the most dramatic shift in my most recent session and with it came a feeling of absolute certainty that things have changed in my life forever. I described it to her as opening the door into Oz and suddenly everything being in technicolour. So it was absolutely no surprise to me that when the very next day a job offer came through that has eluded me in the past. Life is a journey and I understand the need to continue good practices. With Carmen's help, I'm firmly on the path towards the life that I've always known is possible for me to live."         C.O (Actor, London)

  • Thank you so much for yesterday. Three weeks of grieving for my beautiful greyhound Dukey was getting the better of me. Today I felt I could meet people in the woods without bursting into tears and, although still sad, I kept telling myself of the special place he had in my heart and the positive tie of love for him rather than those negative ties of what-ifs and guilt. I feel I can go on, also less paranoid about our other dog Sally. She, for her part, has more energy since her healing session with you, is less confused and plagued by Alzheimer's at the grand age of 16 and 10 months and seems more able to lead a fuller life herself. It is a huge relief and a burden lifted. Thank you for helping me trace back where all those negative feelings came from - I thought I was living with no regrets. I miss Dukey but I feel more able to accept the situation. Thank you so much, Carmen, for giving me calm. You are a very special person."  S.M. (Jeweller, London)
  • "I had the privilege of having a session with Carmen while I was in London and she changed my life. Carmen has a gift she IS a Healer. My session with Carmen was incredible and it was therapeutic and magical." N.S. (LA, USA)  
  • "Thank you for last night. It was quite a session - I was amazed by how quickly you got to my core issues, got to my most critical memories and knew exactly what words to use about them! I'm sure I'll be processing it all for a while but I feel deep down that this is going to have a transformative impact [insomnia]. I hope that you'll agree to have me back at some point in the future!  T.D. (London)
  • "I came to see you on Wednesday 8th with an extremely congested mind. It was an exceptional experience followed by a few days of melancholy. Once this feeling had passed, I felt grounded, calm and a strange sense of liberation. Never in a million years did I expect to feel the peace that I have with me now. I'm clearer and have found acceptance in many forms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have an extraordinary gift."  C.B. (London)



    “After our session I felt exhausted, I wanted to go to bed about 8 pm but I had to stay awake to deal with the boys etc. So anyway, I went to bed around 10 pm and slept right through although I woke up quite early around 5 am. Today a similar thing happened but I would say it was related to my husband because I felt him get up and get ready for work. So I reckon I would have slept in normally otherwise. The other good news is that my heart beat was restored to normal since I lay down on your table. That is such a relief. I still get a bit panicky [+insomnia] but I'm able to calm myself down. I wasn't able to do this before because of my heart racing ran too deep. I feel much lighter. I don't have a heavy heart dragging me around, I feel I have been released. I have no idea what exactly you did, it still remains a mystery but I don't care! I'm just incredibly thankful to you for helping me because I have been banging my head against my own little prison cell with no feeling of escape for so long. Thank you so much, Carmen. I'm still coming to terms with this new feeling, it's odd but in a good way. It just took me by surprise because I didn't know this is how it would work. You're really wonderful, Carmen. Big kiss and hug xxxx”         

         M.R (Lawyer, London)


  • "I have had a one-to-one session with Carmen and I can vouch for what an incredible healer she is, accompanied by a warm sensitivity and intuition"  S.E. (Hypnotherapist, London) 

    "Dear Carmen, thank you again for an amazing healing session. I was surprised to experience how quickly I could bring out a past experience that has been the cause of blocking my life and potential for so long. I felt a deep sense of strength and freedom after the treatment as if my life is now finally on track .... and that it is simply a matter of getting on with it! The fear has been replaced by a sense of excitement. With much gratitude."  B.S. (Teacher, Herts)


  • "Hi. Will call you later. Just wanted to say you are amazing!!! Thank you, thank you. I feel light and free and organised!!!! Never felt that I had the power to organise certain parts of my life before. I feel that anything is possible... A friend last night said she had never seen me happier. Will call later. Just had to tell you. Much love."

  • [Another session] "I feel much calmer and more confident! Amazing. Thank you yet again."   

    S. T. (Kent)




  • "Thanks so much for Monday. I have not worried about travelling since and the day I left you. I immediately went onto the A roads without that anxious feeling inside me. It’s amazing what you did, I was very surprised at how everything linked up. I defo need to come back and see you and have another session regarding another few small anxieties I have.”    S. O. (Marketing, Essex)
  • "Everything is good and I seem to be able to sleep a whole lot better now. I still have dreams but no nightmares so far which is great and I also feel a lot more contented. thank you for all your help... am feeling good."   J.H. (Scotland) 
  • "I'm still enjoying all the after effects of our session yesterday including the feeling that all the cells in my body have been oxygenated somehow. I also have an intense feeling of well-being, I practically danced my way home last night, lol! The most surprising thing I've noticed though is that I haven't felt stressed out in situations that I normally would. I was able to initiate a conversation with my boyfriend that I had been putting off for months on end, due to fear, but after our session yesterday, I was able to not only initiate the conversation but also do so in a manner which I previously hadn't been capable of. It was as though all the walls and barriers I had erected over the years had fallen away and I was able to communicate fearlessly and honestly. The usual feeling of butterflies in my stomach was absent! I was amazed. I also feel like my passion for life has been re-ignited. I guess that that's due to the fact that all my hurt and anger has been released. Overall, I feel amazing, happy, balanced and optimistic for the future. Thank you so much, I really feel that you've helped me turn a corner in my life."     C.C. (Actress, London)

  • “Amidst a world dominated by self-interest and exaggerated talents, Carmen is a very rare find. A truly authentic energy healer, she directed my subconscious mind to reveal the core issue that was blocking me, allowing her to clear and heal at the most profound level whilst simultaneously empowering faith in my own ability to find solutions to life’s challenges....
[subsequent session] I am so much better since seeing you - I'm much calmer and can focus better since my energy is not consumed with anxiety and upset, so thank you for using your special gift to help me."   C.E. (Designer/Business Proprietor, London) 


  • "My session with Carmen was a really profound experience. I always thought you had to carry your emotional "stuff" around you forever, slowing down your mental hardware, until it creeps up on you when things get tough. Or have therapy for years, dredging it all up, with no guarantee of feeling better afterwards. You know, the stuff that causes you to be a slightly below-par performing adult for the rest of your life. My friend N suggested this did not have to be the case, and that a series of "taps" by Carmen could clear the issues in one fell swoop!! WOW!! Is that possible? Book me in immediately... or maybe in 2 months time because I like to put things off...and off ...and sometimes never do them... See my problem?

    Carmen just generally asked me what was happening right now, what I honestly wanted to change, and did not put any pressure on me to give any details or remember the root of it all (fortunately because quite frankly I had no idea). The tapping felt soothing and freeing at the same time, and the obvious statements she made which were straight to the point made no logical sense to me at first. And then images, places and exact times popped into my head, as if I had always known precisely!! I was completely taken aback, but then began to trust the process more.

    It was amazing. Carmen was calm and protective and thoroughly knowing, even when I felt I was on shaky ground. I felt safe. Intuitively and expertly she led me easily through what I thought would be  hard and difficult. Nothing of the sort. Every moment felt better than the last, and I felt lighter and kind of "what was all the fuss about"!! It all appeared crystal clear. I had just gotten off a horse I had been riding for a long time, which was taking me in a direction I didn't want to go in. It wasn't personal. Carmen just calmly, very firmly and most effectively got rid of that horse!  As simple as that!

    Was this calm to last!?? She did a few things to ensure I was "wrapped up warm" emotionally. Everything made sense, clearly, and still does as I write this, over a month later. Also, surprisingly, a lot of the problems I had not even fully shared with Carmen just seemed to evaporate in the following days, and things I had worried about for ages just seemed to spontaneously sort themselves out. For example I received an offer on my property in days, after years of no movement. I also have a different attitude with regards to getting more done and seizing the day: I handed in my notice on a job that I had previously thought I had to stay in for fear reasons, and moved towards what I would love to do, but wouldn’t, and thought I couldn’t. I found myself making calls I had put off for years to get my life sorted out. I couldn’t wait to get things done! I'm trusting more in better outcomes because the bottom line is life won't let me down. I know that and we all do deep inside. I will let her explain the energy of it all. She truly has a gift and is so lovingly willing to share it. Everyone should know about this.
      Carmen chatted to me afterwards, answering any questions I had, making sure I was also mentally where I had come to emotionally. I felt supported and happy, and ready for bed! I slept so well that weekend! The future feels and IS much brighter now that Carmen had tapped away the cloud from my head and got rid of my Crazy Lady Horse once and for all. Fantastic."    

    H.L. (Pharmaceuticals/ Consultant, London)



  • "I feel so grateful for the work I'm doing with Carmen. After my first session, I felt a tangible improvement in my levels of stress and anxiety, which had been a serious source of discomfort. The next day, I noticed that my body was detoxing and I felt much lighter and cleaner, physically and energetically. The effects of the session were confirmed several days later, when I had a conversation with my mother that would have normally put me right back in my reactive, child self. For the first time, I was able to stay grounded in my own feelings - a major milestone for me. During the second session, we went deeper on the same issues, and I have once again come away with the feeling that the work I'm doing with Carmen is having profound effects on my life. I feel that I am finally able to start leaving years of pain, grief and sadness behind and start taking steps toward the person that I want to be. Thank you, Carmen!"           H.F. (Human Rights Law student, London) 


  • "Hi Carmen - Exactly as you said, I woke up the next morning feeling great! I cannot get over how much better I feel. You are a genius! Sorry it's taken me till now to tell you but have had v busy weekend. All quite stressful. But I felt able to deal with it all. I am so grateful to you. Honestly, it is like night and day compared to how I was. Hooray! See you again very soon. [D says, can I come once a week?!] "

    [another session] " You have helped us both SO much - can't thank you enough! Headache COMPLETELY gone, C (daughter) calmer." 

    [second daughter] "Thank you SO much for seeing F - as ever you really helped. She felt a lot less anxious afterwards, slept well and then did the exam which was apparently fine - no freezing this time! So now it is all over and she ended it on a calm note - am really grateful to you."

    R.C. (London) 

  • "There is something that happens in a treatment with Carmen which is hard to describe, but is like the sensation of suddenly seeing, feeling and becoming as still as the surface of a white lake. When reaching this cool place one knows that the emotional charge around an issue has just magically dissipated, after having been suffered for years. I am very impressed by Carmen’s ability to calmly know, hold and handle deep emotional pain and to so expertly and intuitively adapt to the twists and turns that come up in a session, often without any words having been spoken or any intellectual knowing, and then to help transmute those trapped emotions. One could have years of talking therapy and still not feel heard, still not have that core pain reached and dissolved. Yet in one or two sessions one can be helped back to ones self once more. It takes a special skill to do that…and a special person. Thank you, Carmen."      A.T. (Artist, Hertfordshire) 

  • "On the two occasions I have seen Carmen, she has shown herself to be an advanced practitioner who performs her work with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I felt the benefits of her work immediately and continue to use what I have learnt on a daily basis to clear away stagnant emotional barriers. Carmen has a natural ability to heal, which she completments with a high level of learning and dedication to helping others. She has certainly helped me to evolve spiritually and I look forward to working with her in the future."     S.R. (Educationalist, London) 

  • "Thanks so much. I really can’t believe what a massive issue came up last night that explains so much about my life. It could be one of the most important evenings of my life. You did it so beautifully.”      N.F. (Actor, Birmingham)  

  • “Thank you so much for the session on Monday, it was massively beneficial and I'm really grateful for the release and realigning. I felt really drained for the rest of the day and couldn't really focus but I have felt better since and I finally got my period today which I'm sure is down to you too, thank you. I may well be in touch soon to make another appointment.”      L.J. (Costume Designer, London) 

  • “Just wanna say a big THANK YOU... I have been feeling great and very positive. Thank you for all your help I truly appreciate it.”   B.S. (Postgrad Student, Dublin) 

  • "Stress is an immeasurable factor. I went to see Carmen having been recommended that she was 'special.' I arrived stressed, uncomfortable and slightly dubious. I left relaxed, comfortable and convinced. That's special."    M.P. (Chairman PR company, London)  

  • "I want to take this time to thank you for the healing! I have noticed a considerable difference to my well-being, my self-esteem, my whole life, since meeting you last year. I have been able to say I truly mean it when I say I am feeling good, and I have felt this change since the dawning of 2010, and others can see the difference in me! Thank you so much for your intervention! "    Z.S. (Unemployed, London)

  • "Thank you once again for the [stress] treatment you gave me. It was incredible, and I have never experienced anything like it in my life! You truly are a talent and I have been singing your praises to everyone I talk to."     B.G. (NHS Systems, London) 

  • "Thank you for the session, it helped me retain a balance and I reclaimed perspective on the work situation and felt so much calmer. I was able to also accept that I was sad and still am and it made me recollect different memories too which were enlightening. Thank you!"      G.G. (Project Manager, London)  

  • "I became an anxious person after my mother’s illness. I usually transferred my anxiety to my stomach. During the session with Carmen, I felt the energy in her hands. It was as if it was moving the fluids inside my head! Afterwards, I felt so confused. It was as if I was just waking up after a strange dream. But since then, as a result of the session, for the first time in my life I am able to experience transcendental meditation and feel the sensation of being in another place, other than my body. This has allowed me to control any feelings of anxiety. Whenever I feel myself becoming anxious, I allow my body and my mind to send it away. It has been amazing."    L.D. (Lawyer, Naples, Italy)                                  

 (NB: the reasons for her initial confusion – having carried the issue for so long, once it was resolved and neutralised, her mind was still accustomed to searching for it. But this state did not last for very long.)    



 I do one-to-one Distance Healing sessions. I also give regular FREE distance healing via my women's meetup group: Be The Change: For Health, Happiness, Abundance.

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  • "I had a one-to-one session with Carmen and I can vouch for what an incredible healer she is, accompanied by a warm sensitivity and intuition." S.A. (Hypnotherapist, London)
  • "I had a one-to-one session with Carmen and I can vouch for what an incredible healer she is, accompanied by a warm sensitivity and intuition." S.A. (Hypnotherapist, London)
  • Carmen, only one week since the amazing healing you gave me and the results have already appeared!!!!! You won't believe how much weight I've lost in one week!!!
  • Carmen, only one week since the amazing healing you gave me and the results have already appeared!!!!! You won't believe how much weight I've lost in one week!!!
I must admit I haven't gone deep into the philosphy behind your healing practice, although broadly I'm a 'believer'. But what I have noticed is how much more control our session has given me over knots of negative energy that I had got used to accommodating in too much of  my day-to-day routine. I had thought I needed 'past life' therapy, but what I have discovered instead is  a way to recall, confront and dismantle structures that hurt has erected in my own immediate past, that I had subconsciously resigned myself to being forever  'insurmountable'.
I must admit I haven't gone deep into the philosphy behind your healing practice, although broadly I'm a 'believer'. But what I have noticed is how much more control our session has given me over knots of negative energy that I had got used to accommodating in too much of  my day-to-day routine. I had thought I needed 'past life' therapy, but what I have discovered instead is  a way to recall, confront and dismantle structures that hurt has erected in my own immediate past, that I had subconsciously resigned myself to being forever  'insurmountable'.
It was good to see you too. Your work is better than you make it out to be. I shall recommend you if I ever know of anyone who needs healing. You are quite good at picking things up without being told. You are definitely up their with the best healers.. What I have is not like ABC, it takes some effort and I thank for the work that you did. God bless and keep you.


  • Adult anguish
  • Childhood anxieties
  • Corporate pressure
  • Personal pain
Whoever you are, whatever your issue, often just one short session is often all that is needed to solve the problem and deliver more relief than you’d ever imagined possible.