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Stress, the Number One killer in our society, is at the root of many illnesses and conditions. It may come in many guises, but at the root of any stressful situation lies one primal emotion: 


A life without fear is a body free from pain, anxiety and disease. When we neutralise our fears (past, present, and even those in the future), our lives begin to fall into place. We seize our own power and find what we have always been looking for:

Peace. Love. Happiness. Fulfilment.


The kinds of help people seek when fear shows up:


  • I want help to give up smoking 
  • I want relief from this chronic pain
  • I want to cure my phobic reaction to spiders/heights/flying/needles
  • I want to be more confident around wo/men
  • I want to relieve my allergic reaction to certain foods/substances
  • I want to be more assertive at work
  • I'd like help overcoming my dread of public speaking
  • I want to increase my chances of finding lasting love
  • I want to overcome pre-driving test nerves
  • I need help for post-traumatic stress
  • I want to reduce my craving for food/ alcohol/drugs
  • I want help to boost my confidence before an important meeting
  • I am going through a divorce and finding it stressful
  • I need a Life Coach to help me make the right decisions in my life.
  • I want to stop feelings so anxious and so afraid of the world
  • My job requires me to make cold-calls. I want to overcome my fears
  • Something happened to me in the past and it's ruining my life
  • I want to improve my acting/singing/ sporting/writing performance
  • I want to be able to control my anger
  • I want to be less stressed about my exams
    I am grieving the death of a loved one and finding it hard to cope
  • I want help for insomnia
  • I want to stop the self-loathing and start loving myself
  • I want to get over the pain of my relationship break-up
  • I want to change my self-defeating beliefs and/or negative behaviours
  • I want help for my child affected by bullying
  • Help me. I want to bond with my baby/child, but I can't
  • As a child I was emotionally/ physically/sexually abused
  • I want to achieve more in my life/job
  • My children are going through the trauma of our divorce/separation
    I want help with pre-operation anxieties
    Help me! I'm having a breakdown
    My loved one is near the end of life and needs support to release fear and anxiety and to go in peace
  • I want to stop these panic attacks

 Having said that...

Clients come to me for many different reasons and sometimes there is simply a need:

  • To withdraw from the hustle and bustle of the everyday
  • To connect with, and nourish, oneself at a deeper level
  • To recharge batteries - emotionally, physically, spiritually.

The therapeutic end result of an energy session is similar to receiving a holistic massage, and more. A session will help detox the body, rest the mind, and stimulate your own healing energies.    




I understand that you might find these claims hard to believe, but the proof is always in the results. Each case will, of course, be different, but the majority of people who come to me for a healing experience amazing and lasting results from just one session. Should the nature of your particular condition/issue(s) require more than one visit, even an initial session will yield noticeable and significant steps towards a healing solution.

 Are you ready now, to step into your own power?



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