Sessions typically last between 60-90 minutes (usually less for children), but this is only a guideline. Each case will be different, and each client given the time their particular condition/problem deserves. However, should you need to schedule other appointments on the day of your treatment, please reserve at least 90 minutes of your time.

Please note:

  • Treatments are never a substitute for medical or psychological advice from your own physician/practitioner.
  • My work is in support of any medical care you may already be receiving. I will never give counter medical advice.
  • Should you have any concerns, always seek the guidance of your doctor.  

After the session, expect to feel peaceful, calm, or even ‘spaced-out.’ You will have experienced a significant energetic shift and, more than likely, you will still be processing. In other words, the fullest benefits might not be revealed until hours or even days later. Treat yourself kindly by not attempting to do anything strenuous. The best advice is to go slow, have a relaxing bath and an early night. Most people, even insomniacs, comment that after the session they sleep deeply and soundly. Some, however, may experience an interrupted or even troubled sleep. This is just the old energy working itself out of your mind and body. 


Employed:                                         £80

Children (up to age 16):                          £50

Distance Healing                               £60

 Actor Surgery:                                  £80 

 LA in-person Sessions:                    (different rates apply)


Audition nerves? Performance anxiety?                                                                         



      (A totally unique and effective approach to overcoming your fear of the stage and page. Having worked with every type of actor from your A-list celeb to the out-of-work actor, and having a 20-year background in script-writing and script development, I have been able to design this 

blend of energy psychology and one-to-one professional script

assistance to help you raise your game and achieve your


personal best with extraordinary results)  






                                  (to be agreed)


Session location:     

North London (nearest tube - Highgate).

Exact details will be given to you when you confirm your booking.